Looking for a Song in a Cdrama


Then what about Shazam? That app specialises in song recognition.


Yes, that app is really good, and likely the one to which @sweetybirdtoo alludes.


No, Shazam doesn’t recognise the song. Someone even put in the TC “Shazam failed me” :rofl:


LOL! If Shazam doesn’t find it, nothing will. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Is anyone close to a good Chinese translator, to write up the lyrics of the refrain at least?


That song is in English.


Ah, I see. I listened to it a bit. Sounds like it was translated to English and sung in English by probably a Chinese singer.


My train of thoughts too from the slightly wonky English of “You paint the picture beautifully well”.
If you turn on Learn Mode there is some translation.
此时此刻 成为回忆

Googling each phrase in Chinese and listening to countless Chinese song with the off chance that I’d stumble across the original in Chinese. (if it was originally so) Sadly, no hits.:expressionless:


I also wanted to recommend Shazam. But I see failed with that. I know how frustrating is to find a song like that. But unless it’s not on You Tube, Shazam will definetely find it.


Guys Good News !!!
Our first discussion for finding OST from all types of dramas and posting them here. You can jam with us and contribute too! Hurry Up Join Now :musical_note::musical_note: :musical_score:


I’ve done exactly the same, with the same result. Eh… Must be a less known song.


Since both Shazam and Siri have failed, I really think it’s some kind of stock music now :slightly_frowning_face:


Ms. Practical, :slight_smile: but it just Amazes me the way everyone helped so far, we’ll keep the candle :candle: burning for this one :wink::+1:t5: Hopefully the next fans who comes along can unravel it all for neonflower66


I love this perseverance! Let’s keep searchin’, searchin’, searchin’ :heart_eyes:


I too think it could be a stock song, a really pretty one though. I even went straight to the source and submitted a request to Viki about it but they haven’t gotten back, so I don’t know

Regardless, thank you all for your efforts! It’s really sweet!


Thanks a lot :heart: :heart:


Means a lot !!! Fighting !!!


:mag:The mystery solved…
Writing The Moment by PIA and Sam Joseph Delves
The original is just as noisy with artifacts all over the place in the first half on Soundcloud too :frowning_face: they probably cut and joined as much clean bits together then depopped for the background music on the drama.


You are Amazing, you actually found it for @neonflower66, Kudos! :partying_face::+1:t5:
Did you see :slightly_smiling_face: that guys!
Check post above.


oh my goodness :scream::scream: How did you manage to find it?!


I was trying to find the composers to a piece of copyright free music that I liked with the most complicated method of using it copyright free (they basically copyright claim your YT video if using their music)
It seems Sam Joseph Delves composes lots of background music, I think YT pieced together Writing The Moment that credited him and PIA as composer writers and put it in the recommends.
It was a ‘Hey! I know that music!’ having listened to it quite a few times when we were hunting for it a few months back.