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Everyone, hi !!! :wave: :wave: This is a new topic I created for us. Those who come across a great OST from a Drama (Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese) post it here, so that everyone can enjoy MUSIC :musical_note: :musical_note:

1. Don’t post absurd unrelated music here.
2. Just make a contribution here and make this Discussion a one spot Hub for every OST
. .you come across or are willing to listen.

3. Just follow RULE 1 and Rule 2 and even rule 3

2021 C-DRAMA -- Channels Created / Licensed
Looking for a Song in a Cdrama

Currently the most watched drama is ‘The Devil Judge’. The most liked OST from this drama is TEMPEST :musical_note: :musical_note:

LOVED IT TOTALLY. FITS WITH THE DRAMA CORRECTLY. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The Devil Judge

Touch Your Heart OST named as ‘Photographs’ by 1415( Singer ).


NAAN by BIBI, is a OST of the drama ‘Live On’
This is personal favourite and is my Playlist !!!


Thanks a lot for this!


’Dr. Romantic 2’ OST named as ‘Go Away’ by Chanyeol (EXO) and Punch


The Greatest Love OST “Hold my hand” By IU that I came across recently is my current favourite.


‘In Silence’ by Jannet Suhh is a heavenly music from the drama ‘Its okay to be not okay’


Search it on YouTube and copy paste the link here! So that everyone can listen it


@thesnowflake It would be great if you post a link to the music or lyric video to the song name you’ve posted now !
Thank You for the contribution.




’WHISPER’ from the Drama ‘NEVERTHELESS’ sung by Park Ji Woo. The actors are Song Kang & Han So Hee. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:



‘Talk To Me’ from the drama ‘At a Distance Spring is Green’. This too must go in a Playlist :heart: :heart: :revolving_hearts:


Goose pimples ost hahahha


Another OST from the drama ‘At a Distance Spring is Green’.


OST from Vincenzo ‘Adrenaline’. This was the most famous OST from all time. Everyone loved it. Sung by Solar (MAMAMOO) :heart: :black_heart:

Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki

Share this ost link everywhere possible, because many liked this OST and tried to find it. Share it !!! :black_heart: :black_heart:


This is from sweet home what an amazing drama it was!


It was a Movie right ?? I liked it so much. But there was sacrifices everywhere… Song Kang was amazing as well.
There will be Part 2 as well. Because at the ending they sat in the truck and went somewhere !!!
I am waiting from the last year for the Part 2


It is a drama series
I’m waiting for part 2 too!!