Looking for K-dramas where two guys are fighting for the girl


I know that Strong Woman Bong Soon and True Beauty have guys fighting for the girl, Right?

What Others Do You Recommend? I’m wanting to add more to my collections

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Heirs is not everyone’s darling, but give it a try

Marriage not dating has 2 and a half guy :wink:


Anything Lee Minho is OK by ME! This is one I have been wanting to watch! Thanks!


Not your typical 2 guys competition, since the one guy has several personalities.

It’s been some time, but I think I remember some competition …

Sometimes it has to be brothers and sometimes all 3 of them …

Fated to love you has some rivalry in the Korean and the Taiwanese version

One were the guys really are competitive to get the girl


when I first saw this, I was like, “WHY would you even–” :joy::tired_face::tired_face:
but ok, its your taste:
Soompi’s List of Love Triangles
Soompi List of Love Trangles 2
whatever you do please do not watch School 2015, I’m still suffering from its effects and its been a year.


I am watching the Korean Fated to Love You! Love! And I’m totally in love with the Bad Boy from Kill Me Heal Me! Both of these are in my It’s All About The Kiss Collection. I will add the others to my list so I can see if they make the collection. Great recommends thanks!


I know RIGHT! I do like a good COMPETITION like I end up being TEAM Edward like in Twilight. Love good Flirty drama! Ha! I know why??? As long as my guy wins, we are ALL good.


Anyone know where you can watch this! I love Bo Gummy! It’s not on Viki right now.


Ok has ANYONE liked the ending of Cheese in the Trap. I love Seo Kang Joon and Park Hae-jin but I keep hearing that the ending SUCKS! So is it WORTH Watching???



Looking for K-dramas where two guys are fighting for the girl

Isn’t that all of them? :grin:



Jung Hae In - Prison Playbook
Ha Ha Ha…Pretty much right! There is a one-sided love going on in I Am A Robot!


Yeah, but I like triangles like in I am Not A Robot where you KNOW that the main lead will win out fairly and without doubt…the ones where you don’t have to spend forever switching sides and crying over the one who won’t get her.


I don’t like it when the one I’m rooting for doesn’t win!!!


I just started “Love is Sweet” C-drama not available on Viki so please request.
Awesome Cinematography and this one looks like it will have a two guy rival!


I forgot about the two guys in Another Oh Hae Young and kinda two girls also!!!


This Collection probably has a lot of WHO GETS THE GIRL!


I am watching this right now! It is super cute. I don’t think it needs as many episodes as they have. I am mainly interested in the main couple/so cute/flirty and the love triangle with his rival. The cinematography is REALLY good in this. Beijing’s night skyline is gorgeous and I love when they use Lens Flare during filming. The extraneous characters I just skip over.


Dramas where the ML falls hard for the FL
1.Ten miles of peach blossom
3.Autumn in my heart
4.Strong woman do bong soon
5.Cruel romance
6.Black night
8.Doctor stranger
9.Summers desire
10.Memory lost
11.Moon embracing the sun
12 The flame’s daughter
13.Too late to say I love you
14.Shine or crazy
15.The heirs
16.Another miss oh hea young
17.Secret garden
18.A korean odyssey
19.My sunshine