Looking for K-dramas where two guys are fighting for the girl


Kdramas are often said to include the love triangle as a standard , but sometimes it outright becomes a polygon of sorts, with the girl never noticing the 2nd and 3rd leads…and always, always if she has female competition for the guy, the woman looks like Miss Korea …


I’ve wondered if the lead female is plain(ish) and the second is Miss Korea standard to cater to the female audience. Most women will be able to more easily identify with the average looking lead since how many of us can actually be Miss Korea standard. It gives us more hope that we’ll have men pining or fighting for us?


even most second male leads are usually these cute little puppies who are the epitome of goodness and love :joy:


NEW I think we are going to see 2 guys! possibly fighting over the girl!


With Ateez in it