Looking for Spanish Mod Mentor


Hello, I am a fairly new Spanish translator (I started in December). I have worked on various projects as a Spanish subber and recently started doing some editing projects. Seeing how things are developing in the community with the whole limit on how many projects a mod can take. I would love if there is a Spanish moderator who is willing to, for lack of a better word, train, advise and give me tips. Now that things are like this I would prefer not to go blindly into a project. As a community we all strive to give quality subtitles.


You can try changing the title to, “Looking for Spanish Mod Mentor” or something along those lines.

That way the Spanish mods will know to read the post.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!


You’re very welcome. :+1::smile:


One can write you faster if you leave a link to your profile as well either just the link or in html format… good luck!


Hi Thaly, I would recommend you look for a co-moderation with someone who has plenty of experience as a Spanish moderator, also editing experience is a must since we can see a lot of wrong subtitles in our language.
The good thing is that the show you have doesn’t include complicated technicalities so it’s good.
But look for someone kind and gentle, you can find some bad experiences too lol
I can give you a couple of recommendations through WhatsApp :wink: