Looking for subbers, segmenters and language moderaters!

Sam Kim & Bernard Park

Join the channels Sam Kim & Bernard Park. We’re looking for:

  • Moderators
  • Korean - English subbers
  • Experience Seggers or Seg101 graduates
  • Subbers from any language: Specify your language
  • Page editor

Leave a comment or contact me @Rerre :3
Favorite the channels to follow :slight_smile:

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Hey :smile:

Can I help with some spanish?

@MrsAnanke Do you want to translate from English to Spanish or from Korean to Spanish? :slight_smile: and also on both channels or only one :wink:

I can translate from English to Spanish

@hikikae Both channels or only one? :smiley:

Can I help you with translating from English to Vietnamese? It’d be better if I can join the two channels

Hi, i can translate from english to portuguese , so if you need anything , i’ll be around :wink:

@Mowknaokid @SleepyCarol Of course you can :smiley:

Are you interested to be Language moderaters as well ? :slight_smile:

Okay, it’d be great!

If i can help i can translate from english to spanish. let me know if i’m useful to you

I’m sorry , I am quite new , so i don’t really don’t know what that means … I will be very happy if you could explain it to me .

@SleepyCarol “Moderators help and support the Channel Manager. Moderator
help recruit and manage subtitlers in their language, and oversee the
quality of subtitles.
Usually a Moderator is appointed for a specific
language (e.g. “French Moderator”), but it’s also possible to be a general Moderator (e.g. “All Languages” Moderator).
In addition, Moderators have the following abilities: Adding a translation of the
Channel Description and Channel Title in their language, editing the
version of the Cover Page/Community Wall in their language,
locking/unlocking subtitles in their language, moderating Timed
Comments, and adding/removing designated Segmenters.”

Yeah of course you can translate, but at the moment the segments are not done, therefore making subs at the moment are not possible. You are still welcome though :slight_smile: And are you interested to be a moderator? :3

@Mowknaokid added :slight_smile:

Ahh thank you so much ! I never dne nothing like that before , but seems quite interesting .

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I agree :slight_smile: It’s very fun to be a moderator :3 It’ll be nice to work with you :smiley:


Why do the 2 channels are no longer available ??? What happened?

Nothing has happened :slight_smile: They are still there :3

No they’re not. I can’t open it. It told me that the links are broken,Channels are not available

I’m sorry that I can’t help you on those 2 channels.
Because I cannot click on the 2 channels’ links.
It appeared “Page Not Found”.

So please, could you remove my name from the Moderator list?
I’d be very nice of you.
Thanks Rerre.