Looking for the worst drama suggestion


Look what I found, while reading through the threads, :performing_arts::ticket::film_strip::film_projector: for your unusual hobby. (↼_↼)


The VFX were so horrible I laughed through half the scenes. The ML is a cat. There’s no other way to describe him. Narcissistic, arrogant, disobedient, evil CAT. I like him most when he’s in cat form, at least the cat is cute.
It’s a huge quest to find magic soul orbs so you can imagine the amount of magic scenes with all that twirling and sparkles and whatnot. Half of it made no sense to me. The ending was happy and the FL is ADORABLE, but other than that… wow what a plot mess.


Been crazy busy with work the past week but now it’s time to slack off and get back to the serious business of drama watching :stuck_out_tongue:
I still haven’t had a chance to start on I’ve Fallen For You but I’ll start with this one as it’s shorter at only 16 episodes, quite modest by C-drama standards. 18 minutes in and
imageI wonder what G it was in ancient China? -5 G :laughing:


When you posted this I was too busy to start a drama so I just dipped my toe in and viewed a random snippet of a random episode to get a feel for it. The cheap studio sets and special effects, take it away George…

Should be an interesting watch!

I noticed lately you are giving too much info in your descriptions (you never did that in other descriptions I read before; just basic stuff). In other words, you are writing spoilers and not blurring them out. This is more like a comedy/fantasy and indeed a very funny drama, which I enjoyed very much indeed.

The ML did a fantastic job in his role and the FL went along so, so (imo). There was no plot mess in my opinion bc it was a fantasy drama full of wonderful comedy that I enjoyed and made me laughed so much.

Funny thing is, I enjoyed the male character more than the female bc he was the mischievous one, and having idol looks, has nothing to do with great acting like he was able to do. He made this drama worth watching in the romantic department too (He can kiss!). She was in my opinion an ‘‘airhead,’’ and wasn’t doing as much as he did in this complicated role, which he accomplished to master it, at a another level. Playing such a difficult role with ease, it’s not an easy task.

If this was a serious, romantic plot story, I would be calling it junk too, but it was a different kind of drama that brought joy and laughter to my life. Oh, better yet, all those special effects were done almost to perfection and scenery wise was a dream like fantasy world; I loved this comical, fantasy drama very much and I hope ppl don’t get turn off by what you wrote here, and if they want to have a good laugh, please, check it out ppl. It’s totally different from the usual romantic stuff for a change.


Oh, I didn’t think it was that much of a spoiler, I mean she mentioned that the ML is a cat but we can guess that from the title of the drama, the synopsis does reveal more than Vivi does. Most of the description is pretty much established in the first episode so not really much of a spoiler, perhaps the one point I would say could be a spoiler is

Useful for some people who deliberately avoid dramas with sad endings and go to great lengths to research the reviews for clues which way a show ends, but personally I don’t mind, I will take either kind of ending, it is what it is. What with C-dramas having a propensity to kill off main cast for goodness knows why, it removes the mystery if they’ll do that in this show. :laughing:

I’m already on ep 3 and the biggest fault I’m finding is the editing, it’s terrible! So choppy as to make it difficult to follow the flow of the story arc. Shame really, as I’m quite enjoying the show but the big gaps between scenes/plot leaving the viewers to piece together where the plot has leapt to is quite noticeable. I will still watch it and try not get too distracted by the editing.



Well, it was a combination of another one I read from her, and she usually doesn’t give so much details about the ML character like she did on this one. I mean the guy is not all that, but he has a certain charm, and I can tell she found him ugly so it will turn many girls away here to watch (idol looking lover girls) :rofl:

I really don’t know what specifically EDITING you are talking about.

Subtitle editing? The flow of the story?

I think that I saw the story Only as a comedy, so I didn’t pay much attention to what the story was about in the romance department or the fact that she was there looking for her ‘‘lost’’ brother I was too busy enjoying the cat’s mischievousness.

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Of course! :man_facepalming:Editing can mean another thing here on Viki.
I was referring to the way scene are cut, joined and organised. The worst cuts so far is in ep 2 at 8:37 end of one scene: FL is cowering behind a table in fear having just witness a ‘cat’ incident, cuts to starry night, cut to FL opening door, looks out, fade to black. Cuts to next scene, FL sneaking alongside of building, fades to black (again). cuts to fingers reaching over the top of the wall she’s trying to climb, fades to black! cuts to next scene: she’s now above the wall swings her right leg over and sits atop the wall like you would in a saddle, cut to her cloth bag/wrap falls on the grass, cuts back to her now swinging her left leg back over the wall back to the saddle position where she delivers some dialogue.
It just jumped from cowering - to sneaking.
The missing bit - could be
she decides to run away because she was afraid. She was cowering in fear before.
she’s goes on recognisance to find out more about her brother and not running away.
Sneaking about to find out more about the cat.

The editors could cut out all the fade to blacks and the second swinging her leg back over the wall as she was already in that position and deliver the line where she calls him out for being such a devil.
And it wasn’t until this bit that she reveals the real reason for all that scene beforehand and it was ‘None of the above’ but was fleeing because she found out nothing about her brother! .
By this time there had been 3~4 of these big gaps in plot flow all down to horrible editing. I really did begin to wonder if the drama wasn’t originally the usual 30-40 episodes but they had to cut loads out to get it down to 16 episodes.

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I’m glad you point that out bc I have seen several Chinese dramas that I believe the scenes were cut in the wrong places, and it leaves a ‘‘hole,’’ that you think will be shown/filled out further in the episode, but it never happens.

I was always wondering if it was done when they try to cut the episodes into shorter versions. I have seen Chinese dramas that say they are 70 something episodes long, but the ending happens around the 48th episode. I also observed that Chinese dramas usually last an hour and minutes, and now I see them as 45 or less minutes long ;which is so rare to see done in chinese dramas.


I gave the info needed to clarify how it was a “worst drama suggestion” :joy: I don’t think editing mistakes and VFX descriptions are spoilers.

I know, a lot of people have that opinion… saw it in the TCs. I enjoyed the way he acted like a cat. He’s a good actor. I don’t look at people’s faces when making judgements. I thought he was pretty well-cast for a cat character.
However, he never stopped being arrogant and annoying and I really didn’t like that aspect of his character. The FL… her acting wasn’t up to the mark, but her character was cute. I didn’t really mind her airheadedness because I really hate FLs who just fall for the MLs no matter what trash they do and say and never change. I think that was the case with “I’ve Fallen For You”. Girl kept pursuing him even though he was constantly such a terrible jerk to her.

Obviously, I didn’t take the drama seriously or I would have left in the first episode. It was hilarious and crazy and I LOVED the cat when he was a cat :joy:

LMAO I did not notice that! :joy: Though I did see a ferris wheel somewhere in the drama.



He took the personality of the body he was in. The body he ‘‘took possession’’ of, he was a total jerk and no one liked him. He (the cat) instead changed people’s feeling about that guy in the body he was in.


Did we ever see the real general? It was the cat guy for the whole drama as far as I can remember.

that may be true, but what we saw for the entire drama was the cat’s personality. He had the general’s memories but the cat’s personality.


Well, I hate cats bc they can be really mean and attack, and they are not too loving either.

I saw it as the guy’s personality, but you could be right. Let’s see what @ninjas_with_onions think when, if he finish watching until the end.

@ninjas_with_onions We’ll be waiting for your opinion on this subject since you are watching [BE MY CAT]…right?


It always tickles me when I recognize Adobe Stock Music in a drama. I work a lot with Video Editing and use lots of stock music, so I can recognize quite a lot of music. There’s this Thai drama I’m volunteering on and I realized that almost the entire background music has been taken from Adobe’s free stock :joy:

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The show itself was quite entertaining with the adventure questing for the various orbs a decent enough story arc to keep me interested.
From @vivi_1485’s review I had expected the general’s narcissistic and arrogant character to be really exaggerated for comedic effect but by the end of the drama found that bit to be quite tame!
I would probably agree in that respect as the romance between the two characters was never allowed to fully develop with constant stifling from the writers who would keep making the motives for actions taken any other reason than ‘for love’

  1. To fulfil the contract
  2. Ulterior motive to return to the planet

  3. The fact that if the master got hurt or died then so too for the cat/general (a big motive there)

  4. That the pet should protect it’s owner (never going to happen with cats! :laughing:)
  5. That an owner should take care of their pets

Tian Xi Wei was drop dead gorgeous with her big Manga eyes. Super cute and girly to the max. Squeaking her lines in a style of acting that could be annoying for some, but I’ve seen lots of this style of acting in loads of other dramas so have built up immunity to it without the aid of Pfizer or AZ.

Having seen the whole drama and that the terrible examples of production editing continue to the very end, I’d say that was the biggest factor that drags this drama into this topic and nominate itself. With more examples of abrupt end of one plot/scene jumping into another. Abrupt stops to end episodes. In one scene where the general heads off the baddie at the pass, we see the back of the general and the camera pans around him with background music, half way round this camera pan the background music suddenly stops but the camera continues to pan round the actor until it stops facing the front of the actor, all in complete silence. Not even the music was safe from the lousy cutting! :man_facepalming::rofl:

And yes, I did expect to see a modern Ferris wheel in a period drama but it turned out to be an exotic water wheel/mill so quite plausible. Ferris


Konichiwa, Onion-sama,

I love me some bad movies, so you have me hooked, and I have not even heard the opening theme. It sounds eminently cringe-worthy.

A decade ago, Hollywood deliberately messed with culture, history, and literary tropes to produce some delightfully weird and bad movies. And there was soooo much serious discussion about “Did this story really happen?” Sadly, I could never find anyone to go see any of these strange movies with me.


:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: and one more just to be certain :man_facepalming:

If I have to nominate a really bad serious western film with some kind of nod to Asia (barely!) it would have to be Samurai Cop (1991)(18) :grimacing:

(Warning: This clip contains swearing, sexual references and really bad acting everything )



So @vivi_1485 thought that was a Ferris wheel? I guess it was the first time she sees a water mill in dramas (I also see that a lot on reruns from cowboys series). I was wondering what Ferris wheel she saw, that I didn’t see in the drama. I’m glad you cleared that up.

So… you really didn’t answer my main question. The ‘‘cat’’ had the personality of the guy he possessed the body from or the personality of the cat from ‘‘another planet.’’ The drama was very whack, but I enjoyed watching EXCEPT the background music which is always so terrible and ridiculous in Chinese dramas/Movies. Sometimes I give up on dramas/movies bc I can’t stand the background music. [GO PRINCESS GO] since I like that one so much, I had to mute the drama to continue watching bc the music was driving me insane.

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:rofl: I actually enjoyed that silly thing. It made me laugh. But, if my husband was still here he’d probably agree with you. :grin:

Here are some others that will probably make your top blow. :laughing: :sunglasses: Yes, they are indeed silly shows but I liked them.

Princess Consort - This one is ludicrous - She ends up having 5 husbands in an arranged marriage.

Be my cat. - the ML is an alien in a human body but he’s from a CAT planet. And, he is a very arrogant cat. :joy: I wonder how the ML did his parts without cracking up. Some parts were just silly to watch. :rofl:


Oh, yeah.

Oh, no.

Dear Heaven, no.