Looking for the worst drama suggestion


How is it going in the UK? Still looking for a “good” bad drama?
There were some license changes recently, even the odd Madly in Love is out of reach now.


Madly in Love It still available in the UK. Luckily (or unluckily) I watched it back when you first suggested it so if it disappears here too I’ve not not missed it. It a shame that half the recommendations offered by people here are not available for my region, some of them sound like they could have been the interesting watch.
I’m still quite resolute to watching all recommendations here that I have access to. After all if it mentally scarred someone enough to actually post the horror here then it’s the least I can do is to watch it since I asked for them! :grin:

I did promise @Feyfayer not to suffer alone, last week I binged all 60 episodes of Love, Just Come in 4 days, almost finished me off doing that! The script writers loved using the not saying something at a critical point plot trigger, my least favourite of all the frustration builders, creating plot after plot of frustrating misunderstandings. They had it by the bucket load in the first 1/3 of the show. I really shouldn’t have let so much frustration build one on top of the other without buying a strong punch bag and some boxing gloves. Thankfully they eased off on that for the other 2/3 of the show (although it did start to creep back in towards the last few episodes) when it switched to more boardroom battles, back stabbing, evil scheming, secrets and lies.This was where everything got cranked up 100%
The ease with which people fainted or collapsed, everyone needed to wear head protection, especially the female lead Who both suffers blindness and regains sight due to blows to the head, then suffers selective amnesia and regains memory also due to blows to the head! :rofl:
And the amount of face slapping, the writers sure liked the slapping, I was beginning to wonder if they hadn’t just seen a Bavarian slap dance, liked it and thought to incorporate the amount of slapping into the show.
As for all the evil deeds inflicted on the lead character, if we could forgive each other for such horrible acts with the ease she did, we would have world peace by now.

It was entertainingly terrible, I rated it 10 :star:

Onward and downwards!


There is suddenly a dark cloud over my head, checking channel …
No, it’s not the one I suddenly recall, but my memory is “foggy”, so …

Oh, Madly in Love is still there, because there was the box and I am not able to follow or add it to a collection, I asumed it to be without license but reading the box’s text, it’s only looking for a CM. Since they moved the episodes to the next tab, I didn’t even doubt it, not that it’s really a big loss, if …

Oh, yeah frustration is another way to rate a drama.
I recalled a bad one, that never was finished Viki’s first try in drama, making an American version of Boys over Flowers.

No license, but ever seen a show with 2.0 rating? I tried it back then and I just couldn’t believe, it’s like the cheap daily series you get, that seem to have no script and the actors are amateurs.


Well that’s different. I didn’t know a western show would be on Rviki even if it’s based on the K-drama. 2.0 rating!? Seems like I should have reserved the George Takei “Oh My” meme for this! :rofl:
I just had to read the reviews. Even the 10 :star: were for it being a comedy.


Haha that’s a great way of describing it. As I’m editing episode by episode, I feel the stress rising in my shoulders. For now the main culprits are Ding Hai and Shan Shan, but I know the frustration will rise even more later on. I need a couple of days in between episodes… haha this is going to take me a while to finish :laughing: It does amaze me that I can remember the words of the OST, even after not listening to it for more than a year.

Thanks for not making me suffer alone :blush::smile:


I found a very interesting article on MyDramaList about the history and scandal behind the production of this show. I also managed to find a surviving episode 6 on Vimeo (and probably the last episode before they ran out of money)
What can I say after watching the 35 min episode. Should the title of worst drama be bestowed on Boys Before Friends? Bit of a dilemma here. I was looking for mainly bad Asian dramas.
This is a western production, but an adaptation of an Asian drama.
It is unfinished.
It’s only one episode of 6 that was produced.(but I think I’ve seen enough / too much already)
Magic Cell Phone was better produced than this abomination. At least with Magic Cell Phone they tried but failed, with Boys Before Friends they didn’t even try.

I can’t even say that the acting was wooden as there was no attempt to act. With little effort put into conveying any sense of emotion or to match expressions with dialogue. It would have been better if they just be themselves, then it would have had some personality come through rather than the pretend to be acting that muted everything here.
If there are dead fish kisses in Asian dramas then this episode had a dead corpse marriage proposal and acceptance, totally devoid of any emotions. They could have saved a bundle if they just filmed the script read through and still capture the same amount of acting performed.

Considering nearly 80% of the episode was dialogue delivery you’d think they would pay attention to the audio 6 episode in. No, they still used wireless audio transmitters with the pick up microphone hidden under the the clothing of the actors (armature dramatics club members) from shoulder straps of the females tops to the sewn in hidden pocket of the male actors, leading the sound to be distant and muffled at best, to down right inaudible at worst. Seriously, they couldn’t be bothered to cut the few seconds where the battery/transmitter pack and wires are clearly visible clipped on behind the male actors belt loop? Or how about muting the mics picking up the clothes rustle when two of the characters hugged, rubbing the mics between them and picking up the “thanks” through the vibration of the male actors chest instead of from his voice.
And thanks for blowing out my eardrums by not clipping the distortion inducing screams of excitement when said proposed to corpse bride announcement to her “gurl friends” sending the volume meter into the red, out the top and into space.

The lighting was terrible. With the same overall orange/brown look you get when filming with a hand held home camera filming under energy saving bulbs. If they were not going to use brighter lighting with professional cameras then they could have saved a bundle and went with the handycams, the results would have been the same. It’s very telling if the linking shots of the ‘Sunset Blvd’ road sign and HOLLYWOOD hillside sign are better lit than the characters themselves. Speaking of link shots, what’s with running stock footage backwards with boats on rivers and night time traffic travelling backwards.
One saving grace was that they at least used tripods for the cameras and the shots are rock solid and not shaky all over the place had they skimped on the tripods and just held the cameras in the hand.

For a western adaptation they did no adaptation whatsoever. They even had the infamous male lead wrapping a scarf around the female lead trope. Fine if it were on a cold Korean morning, only here they shoved it in a montage in the middle of a hot Los Angeles day, how lazy is that?

I don’t know, should I give this mess the title of worse drama when it didn’t even put any effort into any part of the production? It’s both unfinished and missing 5 other episodes. It feels like awarding an A+ for barely filling in your name on the test paper.
Maybe I should. Considering I’m even begrudging giving it an imaginary award that’s just my opinion. Now that’s saying something of the show if it can’t even win an imaginary award!


Don’t know whether to classify this as the worst drama I’ve seen but it’s slapstick HILARIOUS. The entire cast is completely wack. I love the FL. Everyone is dumb and dumber. The dad is the best father in all drama history my GOODNESS the things he does. The whole drama kills my braincells better than any poison ever. The ML is an annoying rascal. The SML is a poetic, white-robe-wearing idiot. The SFL is a badass princess who kicks Mr. Poet Face out of his own room to live in it. Everyone seems to have met everyone else when they were ten and promised to marry them.

They fight with bendy swords. I caught the overhead mic in the video multiple times. The girls are good actors(Esther Yu and Chen Hao Lan). The boys are annoying(never seen them before). They literally abandon a chase as soon as they get bored. They disrespect their kidnappers. Everyone is soooooo dramaaticccc :rofl::rofl: They’re all a bunch of five-year-olds.
The SML commits arson just so that SFL will have a case to investigate. They randomly break out singing like it’s High School Musical. They don’t even let me savor the sad scenes. Something anticlimatic happens and I’m shaking with laughter the next moment.
The sound effects are wonderful; I think the audio guy was the only guy who wasn’t high on the job.
For some reason, the mystery is too much for me to leave, not to mention the non-stop comedy. It’s pure, harmless, annoyingly hilarious TRASH. I’ve been DYING of laughter.
Oh, also the OST sound like a total Goblin rip-off.

Somewhere along Episode 16, everything goes from 0 to 10000 real quick and suddenly there’s angst and life or death struggling. And then suddenly a new character becomes the hero of the show. The ML survives a clean sword stab right through his chest and is running around kicking and screaming the next day. The FL almost dies after a rock falls on her shoulder. She goes into coma. The ML and SSML fight over FL like two-year-olds. They think babies are born from armpits. You can imagine how wild the TCs went after THAT revelation. The Crown Prince is called a parrot and a black potato and no one beheads anyone for that. There is an overflow of second male leads.

Well, everything ended very happily and we got a happily ever after. ML survived being skewered three times. All the characters were pretty dumb but they were adorable and I guess they wormed their dramatic asses straight into my heart.

I should probably take this out from the Worst Drama thread.

Precious quotes:
“He must have graduated from the school of vulgar pick-up lines.”


I laughed too hard at this. Even though I haven’t seen the drama, I understand what you mean 100% :laughing:


Thanks for the write up, the show sounds an absolute hoot!

Yes, maybe not strictly fitting in as the worst but I’ll take it it! I will use sloppy production as a very thin veil of an excuse to watch this.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, Esther Yu the actress who along with Mike D’Angelo completely replaced the the actress and actor’s characters from My amazing boyfriend S1

These C-drama producers sure have a certain style about them! :laughing:


:shushing_face:Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, I upgraded a few months back. All 3 web dramas are Viki originals, I’m not sure how I should interpret that about Viki’s standards. :grimacing:


Yes they did, here you go :point_down:t5:

This is my review


Yes, I have been recommended a few bad ones from the C-drama camp. Sadly, a lot of the shows are are disappearing from Viki and the links are to the page not found dog as they drop the less than stellar shows, maybe to save licencing money, but still it’s disappointing that they are removing the channels too. They could have at least kept the channel pages as a memorial to all the volunteers hard work and suffering endured to bring us such dramas.
As for this show I watched the first trailer. It’s obvious they’re showcasing the exciting special effects bits to lure you in but the rapid flashing and fast moving graphics around the screen of the cast giving you 0.2 seconds to read the actors name and their role had already got me annoyed. Not bad going considering it was only 1 minute 24 seconds long. A sense of foreboding is setting in.


LMBO! :joy: You aren’t trying to watch such shows, I hope not!

I’m in total agreement, it’s not just the volunteers, I like having my list of shows watched


Read through the thread… Watching bad dramas is @ninjas_with_onions’s weird hobby :joy:

Yes, I wanted this and I still have mixed feelings about it, but honestly, it’s better if the channel pages go. When the channel pages remain with no licenses, idiotic watchers, especially those who have paid, rate it really low and yell at the volunteer teams and Viki for absolutely no reason, complaining that they deserve to watch every show that has a channel page. If these viewers can’t find the page, they won’t be able to complain.


You have a very valid point. Thus furthering the saying “This is why we can’t have nice things.” Ugh :roll_eyes:


Yes, I am in the middle of doing just that, I just read one of your posts here, sounds like an absolute comedy.

And she fell in love with it in the end. I’d say they knew they had an audience, people who’d go for, just, such an ensemble. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:


Weird hobby @ninjas_with_onions I am :astonished: amazed :joy:every reply you give to these shows from the twilight zone. :thinking::rofl:


@lutra!!! :pouting_woman:t5:‍♀I rather liked it, plus it has one of my three biases, who I’ll watch, or try to watch anything they star in :joy: I did that with American actor Brad Pitt. Did you know :laughing::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: I fell asleep in the movie theater watching Fight Club

See photos and other info about the cast on Google


This drama has the very cutest nursery rhyme; as adults they remember (it starts around 1:00 min)::


:joy::joy: All I can say is… it was a RIOT