Looking for Viki Co-Channel Managers

Whether you are starting your Channel Manager Progression Path or a seasoned Channel Manager willing to take on a co-CM, please use this thread to find co-channel managing opportunities.

Channel Managers who decide to take on this mentor role, will earn a special badge which will give you special consideration.

Interested in becoming a co-CM

Step 1: Reply to this post and include:

  • Why you are eager to gain experience on managing a channel.
  • What skills/qualities you possess that will make you a good co-CM.
  • Your availability.
  • A link to your profile page on Viki.com.

Step 2: Check this thread regularly to see if you receive a reply. If you do:

  • Private message (PM) the CM.

Step 3: If you are accepted as a co-CM, send a PM to both the CM and Viki (@ “fsl_viki”). Include the following:

  • The <channel name> that you will be joining as a co-CM.
  • The username of the Channel Manager who will be mentoring you.
  • Confirmation that you have met the basic CM requirements.

Seasoned Channel Managers

If you are a Level 3 or higher Channel Manager who is willing to take on a co-CM, add your name to this thread and reply to those who you are interested in as a co-CM.

All experienced Channel Managers who take on a co-CM and successfully lead their team to release all episodes of their channel to other languages for subtitling in a timely manner will be awarded a certified co-CM badge upon channel completion.

Please note: A Channel Manager cannot be a co-CM on a channel with another Channel Manager who is at their same level (e.g. you are a level 4 CM and try to get added to a channel as a co-CM with a Channel Manager who is also a level 4).


How do we know which level we are at?


As an experienced CM, I am available to guide co-CMs.

Based on my previous CM projects, I should be at level 5.

I have already trained a new CM as a co-CM and have also supported a new CM when I was a moderator in the team. So I have experience in training new CM’s.

If you are interested, write to me and if Viki has nothing against it, I would like to train new CM’s.


Hello Vikinians!
I am Cinzia (aka gonghina), I’m an Italian Channel Manager and I am a Level 5. I can help those who want to be CM of Chinese & Korean Channels.
I will be more than happy to help you ^.^
:cherry_blossom: gonghina :cherry_blossom:


Hello Viki’aner :wave::hugs:

I am a German Channel Manager and a Level 4 / 5 CM (?) and would be happy to help others out, but only if the person is suitable.
I am almost every day available and reply to Mails asap.


Hey, everyone! :heart:
I’m Magali. I’m very interested in being guided by an experienced CM, and become a Co-CM! I hope this gold chance comes to me soon.
I love being helpful and I’m always available.
I usually work on kdramas and epic dramas. I think this is awesome considering my will of just working on channels/dramas of this genres. I speak Portuguese and Galician, I’m pretty sure this will be a good point when considering my application.
Currently, I’ve been working as editor helping in many teams! :grin:

Everyday - 10 hours/per day

My profile page:

Hope to hear from someone soon,


Hello! I am a Level 5 CM and I am interested in accepting a co-CM, but only if I consider that user to be suitable for the position.


Wondering the same…


Hello everyone!

I am Shraddha, and I am currently at Level 5. I am interested in helping out those that are looking for Co-CM opportunities in Korean or Japanese channels, with the condition that the user must be suitable for the position.

Good luck everyone!


Hi guys,

I’m a level 5 CM and I am interested in accepting a co-CM if that person is suitable.
I have had co-CMs before, so I do have experience in guiding a new CM.

Good luck to everyone!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Xia. I am more than happy to help others get on the right path as a CM. My level is 5, and I am willing to help. Please feel free to write me even if you have any questions about the CM position or if you have made up your mind and are looking for somebody to help you in the beginning. I have the luck to have a few Co-Cm positions already and would love to continue this path to help others who are suitable for the position.


Hi everyone,

Robert here, Level 4/5, ready to assist newbies for the Channel Manager role. Please note that I will do my own research about you besides the presentation you posted here. :male_detective:

Please post your presentation here first. I will periodically check this topic and contact those I’m willing to help after my research.

A kind request to all those on Discussions: please don’t start any other discussion here. Let’s keep this topic to its purpose and make it simple for all of us to find what this topic is aimed to provide us. Thanks! :blush:

Viki Profile | About ME


Hello! I’m Alina, an Italian CM nearly at level 4. I’m willing to assist newcomers seeking a Co-CM for Chinese dramas.
Rewind95 🫶🏻


I’m Vale, from the Italian community. I am currently a Level 4, and have managed many channels - especially historical Chinese dramas. I’d be happy to help those who need a Level 4-mentor once I am done with my on-going one! :blue_heart:
:rabbit2: hanjingyi


Hello all, I’d like to learn how to manage a channel as well.
I’m currently working on several projects as a Greek moderator and subtitler.
Feel free to send me a message.


Hi, @vicky_daebak I’m Lila. I’m a CM level 5, Portuguese mod, English chief editor, and segmenter. I’d love to co-mod with you and help you to gain experience. I don’t have any channel at the moment but feel free to message me when I do. I see you around for some time and I believe you’ll be a great cm.


Hey Lila, thank you so much for your kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ll follow your profile and message you when you’ll be a CM.
Thanks again! :heart_eyes:


@zyxw , @thaly1209 I’m pretty sure you are level 5, but you can check here…
What is the Channel Manager Progression Path? – Contributor Support (viki.com)


I’ll be waiting :heart: here is my profile cerejacult


Hi everyone!
I’m Kira, and I subtitle in both Romanian and Italian, but mostly the first one.

I’m eager to gain experience as a Channel Manager alongside an experienced CM, as it’d be a great opportunity for me to learn more and more about Viki tools and try to be helpful to the community. I’m always ready to learn new things, and I catch up quickly, so I hope to not be a bother. :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m always available and I answer pretty fast, so you can contact me anytime.

Link to the profile : alanjeff__

I’m thankful to Viki for creating this thread :heart_hands: