Looking for Viki Co-Channel Managers

I think I’m between level 3 and 4, depending on how Viki looks at this, so I’d like to hear from them about this.

As someone mentioned above, it would be great to get a indication of level somewhere on the profile


Hi everyone!
I’m Isa, I think I’m a level 4 CM, seasoned Italian Moderator and Editor and English GE in training. I would be happy to have a co-CM, I currently have a channel but all the process it’s already started, so it would be better to start fresh when and if I will have another channel, so feel free to contact me in the future.
About me =^_^=


This is a very good initiative and really useful for both sides.
! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kiss:


Seeking co-channel manager position on an C drama. I have been at viki since 2009, and have managed multiple on-air K dramas of various lengths and movies and worked as a segmenter on K-. C-, J-, Es-, and Thai dramas. I have made over 1 million contributions at viki. I have been chief editor of about 350 K dramas and movies. As a manager of dramas and movies, my teams completed the series/ movies promptly in as many as 35 languages.
I am seeking co-managership of a C drama to qualify for Level 4 and Level 5 under the new viki guidelines.
You can reach me at Watch Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas and Movies Online | Rakuten Viki
I am currently editing two K-dramas, one J-drama and have volunteered to do K subs on a recent K-drama. My time is almost unlimited because I am retired from employment.


Hello, everyone!

I’m Trang and I am at Level 4/5. I am experienced CM, English Chief Editor, English GE, and TE for Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.

I’m willing to partner up with a Co-CM if they meet the requirements that Viki has set. I will work with you to build a team with an unbiased mindset and guide you to manage a successful channel at the same time building relationships.

I look forward to making new friends and working together to provide quality fan subtitles for all to enjoy.



I’m a level 5 Channel Manager currently co-moderating with a mentee, but I’ll soon be available to mentor skilled and motivated co-channel managers eager to advance from levels 1 through 5. Feel free to send me a message!


I think they said that, to know your current level, you have to look at your past projects and compare them to what the level consists of (left column) to see whether you are of that level, not at the requirements (right column), which is for those who haven’t yet done the tasks of that level.
In that case, since you’ve already done a (great) number of level-5 projects, you don’t have to meet the new requirements. They are only for new people.
Unless I read that wrong. It is sure that the wording is somehow vague. I addressed this at my post on the other thread, so we might take this discussion there, in order not to be off-topic here.


Hi everyone,

I’m Özlem. I believe that being a co-CM is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about how things work at Viki. If it’s not against the rules, I would love to work with different CMs on various projects before progressing to Level 2.

I am a positive person with a can-do attitude. I do my best to finish what I start.

I check my inbox daily and subtitle 4-5 times a week.

My profile


Hi everyone!

I’m Niki (aka bailong :dragon_face:). I started my activity on Viki last year, and I was lucky to be the moderator and the editor of some drama. Now I would like to go one step higher, therefor I’m looking for an experienced CM who would accept me as her/his padawan. :see_no_evil:
So far I worked mostly on Chinese dramas. Previously I learned Chinese and I’m somewhere between hsk 3-4 level - so these dramas got closer to my heart.
As about my personality: My personality type is “architect”. I’m typically that kind of person, who like, if the job is done. If someone get into trouble, I’m that type of person, who will look for a solution, what will be beneficiary to everyone. That is also one of the reason, why I would like to try myself in this role.
I’m available and reachable every day.

If you think, I would be a good partner to you, you can find some info about my previous projects here: Bailong :dragon:

Thank you! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Hi everyone!
I’m Beatriz, I’m a level 4/5 CM. Anyone interested in being a CM, I can help you. I currently have a project as a CM in progress, but in the future if anyone wants to add me so I can help them, I’m available.

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Hi dear, how are you? Send a message to @fsl_viki asking what level you’re at​:cherry_blossom::two_hearts:
I asked yesterday, and he responded to me very quickly! :star2::dizzy: (I’m at level 3)


Who will say what level we are at is @fsl_viki. You need to send him a message. I sent it on May 29th and he responded 24 hours later, saying that I am at level 4.
Ladies and gentlemen.
I hope you are well.
After submitting my details to “fsl_viki”, I was placed on level 4. I plan to co-manage a C drama (2 Chinese dramas on air) to qualify for level 5 under Viki’s new guidelines. I will be anxiously waiting for someone to accept me.


Ciao, everyone!
I’m Silvia. I’m very interested to become a Co-CM. I like to try new things :slight_smile:
I usually work on kdramas (no matter if Chinese, Korean or Japanese). I speak Italian and currently, I’ve been working as subtitler helping in two different teams.

I’m a retired lady so no problem for me to work on Viki when needed.

My profile page:

Hoping to hearing from someone soon,
a big hug