Machine translation from Viki


I did the same! I really want them to know how much we all support the subbers, even if we aren’t immediately impacted


I signed it. I don’t sub anymore but I certainly understand the way Viki takes advantage of the people that make it possible for them to be in business. Imagine if there were no human subs, only bot subs. No viewers would remain for long. They are years from having bots come anywhere close and I’m not so sure they will ever succeed.

It is much more difficult to repair a bad sub than to write a new one. Why would anyone want to fix the bad subs?

Them making an announcement on the same day as they start it is no surprise. Years ago, many of us were asked to evaluate a beta software version. We were asked on Friday and I spent a lot of time over the weekend writing my comments. There were a lot of problems. On Monday, they released it. What was the point. Never again. I could go on and on but why bother.


I know that some community team members are sometimes around on weekends but the tech support team isn’t. "Our working hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Singapore time."

The community team can’t do much in this situation, they are caught in the middle between us and the higher ups.


Oh! Thank you so much! In fact, Viki treats us like trash,
I’m so mad, so it’s refreshing see viewers supporting us. Thank you. And in my language Muito obrigada. :slight_smile:


:heart::heart::heart: I wish there was more viewers could do to support! Really, Subbers are incredible. I’m so so appreciative of the effort you put in!


My opinion is the same:
They should do something: replacing them.
The most common solution to do and the most common thing you did by asking moderations, it is to replace them in what they couldn’t do.
If Viki intervened before your intervention, didn’t take new people and just put bot subs, you wouldn’t be able to take moderation of 5 dramas.


That’s I’m saying! First: Viki doesn’t matter at all about us or about the quality, Viki lied to us many times, you know guys. Why I should believe in Viki? I don’t believe. And say more: it’s impossible. Vikibot is a outrage to me and I warning: I will not to fix subtitles, NO WAY! Viki likes Vikibot? Well, use VIKIBOT and accept the consequences!


Sim querida, Lyla. Lembra que lhe disse que fizeram isso quando estávamos traduzindo “My ID”? Estávamos ativas! Havia uma semana que tinhamos traduzido o episódio 15 e eles foram lá e traduziram o último com Vikibot. A intenção deles é nos substituir. Viki está nos usando e tolerando até poder utilizar totalmente o vikibot. Essa é a verdade. É por isso que sou tão revoltada com eles.


Viki has to intervene, but not in any way.
Vikibot is not the solution. We agree on that.
We ask for Viki intervention, but not this kind of intervention.
We ask for the intervention you did.

The moderation is something you can ask to Viki when the moderator is not active which is not the case with some moderators who seem to be “active” in a strange way.

We don’t say: it’s not good to take them to continue them and finishing them.
We say: it’s not good that Viki picks not to replace people and ask if someone is interested but use Viki bots.


Por eso, eso es lo que ellos están protestando aquí. Nadie está dando excusas sobre gente que desaparece. Pero Viki tiene la culpa también por elegir a CMs que no están activos, ellos tienen unas políticas que no cumplen al elegir ciertas personas para sus canales. Eso también debes considerarlo. Por eso cuando pones una y otra vez sobre los canales inactivos es que te responden. No estamos haciendo huelga por los equipos inactivos.

Igual el vikibot para los inactivos tampoco es la solución. Es mejor nada que eso.


Merecemos respeto :frowning:


Aún no fue decidido cuándo avisaremos el público?


I know they did a good job for this drama, when you asked me, I couldn’t so suggested them to you (because we have a past together in completing unfinished and old dramas from moderators who abandoned them).


Because I rely on translators to provide subtitles for all these shows I watch, of course I’m behind you.

However, I’ve written this several times before, I believe Viki should have paid translators. When I start watching a series, I’d like to be able to watch the entire series without interruption (unfinished captions) or long waits. But since that’s not what I’m paying for in the cost of my subscription, I have to accept what I get and appreciate it. And in reality, I do. Yet even that is wearing thin.

Once upon a time, on all those sites that stream video that anyone screen captures and upload, it was common to see subtitles created by various Viki Volunteer teams. So I decided to subscribe to Viki. Nowadays, those sites have subtitles several hours and sometimes days before Viki. Example: The currently broadcast Korean drama series ‘Graceful Family.’

This site belongs to Viki. If they want to represent themselves with raggedy incoherent machined captions, that’s their prerogative. I fail to understand how a volunteer could feel offended when your name isn’t on the garbage they’re putting out.

Please continue to do what you do with pride. And sign your name on it.


Estoy de acuerdo. Hay muchas cosas que no están buenas en Viki. Muchísimas. Vikibot es solo una. La inutilidad de las calificaciones una vez que el público no utiliza para calificar y sí para pedir subtítulos. Acerca de como Viki ha seleccionado CM’s que no hacen el trabajo y mucho más…


Yes, they’re making a list! Could you contact anna if you have other things to add?
She could add them to a list.

What do you think we need to improve here and how would you do it?


No, aún no. Una de las del equipo de Francés está uniendo el documento. Pero ellas quieren esperar a que viki de alguna respuesta antes de causar el caos.


Hmmm. Pero Viki aún no respondió acerca de las restricciones regionales…
¿Es así que ganan tiempo, verdad? Y también no es la primera vez que hacen eso y dicen la misma cosa. Yo creo que darle tiempo a Viki es beneficioso para ellos no para nosotros. Es sólo mi opinión.


Yo no lo haré hasta que se acuerde informar al público, pero sí me molesta mucho esta acción de Viki porque a veces en los dramas en español en los que ayudo también aparece el bot sugiriendo malas traducciones y siento que somos de los próximos equipos en ser afectados :frowning:



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