Machine translation from Viki


Okay, I will send my part then, when we have the whole thing we can post it here or in google sheets or something so we all can read it first.


We should explain to the viewers cause it’s their rights to know what’s going on. If fans going crazy, they will not watch drama or end their subscription but no ads= less money for viki, ending subscription= less money for viki. So this is just a preview of what will happen if they decide to not listen to us. I don’t think Viki want that, right ? machiavelic smile


People, I think we may have a slogan of the strike/revolution, whatever one might call it. And the sweetest thing is it came from the viewers.

“No VikiBot for any language”


I missed you, too! :blush:


The main problem is that viki told us they would soon make arrangements and send following messages. But we are Saturday/Sunday and they do not work for now. The goal is not to lose subscribers or fearing them. I think it’s important to first wait for viki’s future response. Then we will do it, according to viki’s answer. For the fans, maybe we can tell them to wait until Monday. What do you think about it?

Even if fans have the right to know about it. Patience is the best for now. We must think carefully about our actions. We can solve that internally. I hope so.


I think we just got our answer.


What do you mean, nobody is working on weekends at Viki? I create websites and if something is wrong with one of my creations, I can’t tell my client that I’ll take care of it on Monday. And I’m not a big international corporation … The Internet is 24/7 …


Even when we have major technical bugs with subbing tools, if they happen over the weekend, nothing will be fixed until Monday.


Is there an overview which dramas and which languages are on a strike?


Since Viki will not think about our demand before monday and that will take them a few days to think about it, I presume, why not give them a dead line for their answer and then if they don’t answer or if the answer isn’t unacceptable, we’ll go on an illimitate strike. This way, we show them that we are serious people who care about our work and the viewers by going on translate until the dead line. What do you think ?


*is unacceptable…


I signed the petition! Thank you to the people posting about it on reddit because that’s how I found out what was happening. I’m so sorry to all the subbers being treated this way - I’ve always been so amazed by the community and the fact that people to love over the world can come together over a shared love of dramas. I’ve cancelled my Viki plus pass for now too, and I’m hoping they’ll do something to make it right for the subbers. At the very least, respect isn’t too much to ask for.


Since when has a bot been able to accurately translate anything? Even when they have those subtitles on like youtube vids where they take the audio and subtitle from the audio automatically, (basically from English to English) and it’s still inaccurate. Why do they think a bot is capable? They forgot that the heart of Viki is the community, the hardworking ppl who take time out of their lives for hours and hours to subtitle (for free) and discuss the fabulous world of dramas, is what makes Viki so great. Crapping on one language is not cool, and they need to reconsider whatever in the bleeping bleep they think they’re doing and remember the core of what Viki is. Doing whatever for the sake of “progress” is stupid and how you lose customers.


I get so tired of people constantly complaining about the lack of subtitles. I know the job of subbing is not an easy one, and none of you get paid either. I support you guys so, so much and am so grateful for all that you do.


Just caught up on this whole thing, and I’ve been learning segmenting to hopefully join a team but right now I’m just one of the paying viewers. I know the subbers are on strike but what can we do to help? Will they even pay attention to emails? I’m not having this from them.

I pay for Viki because the subtitles are done by real people who know the languages and know what they’re talking about. You guys don’t just subtitle what’s being said and move on, in a lot of the Korean and Chinese dramas I’ve watched you subtitle the signs/writing on pages etc and explain meanings behind words or phrases. Maybe you guys spoiled me but I watched a drama on netflix and the subs were appalling compared to Viki’s.

I don’t pay for a bot to google translate and give us subs that make no sense. If this is how Viki is going to do things I don’t see why I should pay for something I can do myself. I only watch dramas on Viki because the subs are the best because of the volunteer teams who put up with a million “where are the subs/why aren’t there any subs/subs please” comments every time a drama starts airing. Who sub as fast as they can despite school/work/life. Viki can’t be bothered to pay them for their work and now it does this? The disrespect is unbelievable. Viki wouldn’t be what it is without subbers and the segmenters and all the volunteers. So what, it builds itself up with all their hard work and then turns around and screws them over?


You would think, after all this time that they would realize how subs work. There are so many of us regular viewers in the comments telling people how the subbing works. Timed comments is how I found out about the volunteer subbers a looooong time ago. And now I cannot stop myself from getting irritated with the timed comment complainers, especially those that flood the comments with complaints.


You can sign here Thanks for your support


Thank you, let me know if there’s anything else I can do!


I’m forever telling people how the subbing process works on every frickin drama that starts airing, they never seem to listen cause there’s always a load of them.


Thank you so much for all of it. As a subber I really appreciate that. People rarely really want to listen but thanks for trying. : )