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@ [hellgirlselena_565 and @angelight313_168
I have no idea what problem(s) you are alluding to on Hotel Del Luna which already has complete subtitles in 12 languages. I am speaking as chief editor of the English subs which were completely subbed by volunteers.
And I don’t know of any problems in Miss Hammurabi which came pre-subbed to us in English which was edited by myself and my associate editor. As far as I can see the subs were done by the content producer or perhaps even the prior licensee in the US (???) and were checked by me against the Korean script whenever an English sub seemed strange. I don’t believe they were done by a bot and I don’t think we had any problems.
I can remember no problems with the English subs on either of these shows and on many episodes of Del Luna, we subbed in English extremely rapidly. I don’t understand your comment that you “need to remake all” as we have not announced any major and significant revisions of the subtitles on either show.
if you are fluent in Korean and know that an English subtitle is inaccurate or incomplete please pm me with specific locations for both Del Luna and Miss Hammurabi. I cannot recall your ever pming me about errors on either channel. Other moderators will attest that whenever they send me a note about an error, I always respond gratefully and promptly. We are not infallible. In releasing the English subs there is always a delicate balance in trying to make the subtitles as near perfect as possible in the shortest possible time so that the “other languages” can begin work. We are always aware that English viewers have many sites for watching K and C drama but viki may be the only choice for many other languages. For that reason, I don’t wait for an elusive 100% complete and perfect translation but am satisfied if at least 97% of the episode is complete and accurate. Why 97%? Because on average that means 20 or less subtitles out of 700 will have a minor error. Significant semantic errors are my first priority for correction. My co-editors and I work on consistency and the perfect nuance often after the release. But I would not consider corrections for consistency or finding a better way to phrase something as a “problem” or a significant error.

Let us focus on the French community’s concern right now.



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Yay! My fav drama is finally subbed! Thanks, bots!

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No, they have the freedom to do so.

The right to do something is a different thing.


There is, of course, someone “above” :slight_smile: That’s why I used the word “partial” in “partial self-governing”. The ultimate vision still comes from the top, as well as a “police squad” in case two users just can’t get along or there is a problem on the project. But the police only responds after you report something.

My practical experience with Viki Police is a solid C. If it’s something minor, such as adding me to the team when the CM is absent (or absent-minded), then there is no problem. However, inter-user conflicts are not their forte. Sanctions for stealing other people’s subs or using Google Translate are a joke.

Yes, some CMs are not doing the job well enough. They are human, after all. But that’s where the words like “team” and “community” need to fully shine. If one has a personal problem with a CM, they can report her to the Viki Police. However, if it’s a project that is suffering, then the team (by team I don’t mean just the English team) must collectively discuss the problem and find a good solution. If one can’t be found, talk to Viki Police.

Have you had situations where the situation was really bad? How did you get through it?

Lol! :smile:

Welcome back, dear. I’m happy you have returned, if only the reason were a more positive one.

This is an extremely important point, folks. No matter how angry you are with one another, you shouldn’t publish private messages which you didn’t write yourself. It severely violates Viki’s Community Policy.


True it’s also against Viki’s guidelines, that’s why I flagged it.


Me, too. Had to. Didn’t even want to read it.


It just seems like it would be easier if the subtitles were done properly the first time, by whomever they were done by. If the bot translated properly, that would be a great thing. But it can’t even do that. It’s extra work and less smooth of an operation to have to fix and explain all of the errors, among other things.

But you have the right to think how you want to on it. : )


Could the mother of this idea put her name on the sheet?

“We seggers sometimes have to cut sentences in more segments due limitation of characters per segment and reading. So then you have to listen to 3 segments to to go from BCA to ABC if you know what I mean. How is a machine which most likely subs per segment is able to do that?”


That was me :slight_smile: Didn’t know that was added and I saw some other stuff of mine was added (when a bot ruined my segs but no idea which drama that was again). I added my name now.


Back on track: did anybody receive anything resembling a reaction from Viki? It’s office hours, so I wonder if they reacted and how. I haven’t seen an official post/ thread on the subject.


I was looking on Twitter in the replies to a tweet by Viki about the show Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency and people are complaining about A. the subtitles not being released fast enough and B. the fact that the subbing team is apparently on strike.


There are also many, many complaints in the comments for the show. I think a few of you maybe work on the team of it so you might already know.


ah nevermind i just read a comment from one of the members saying that the team is not on strike. I’m guessing there was a problem in staffing for the team or something lol
I just noticed that some people were using the strike to that as a blaming for the subs being slow.


I think there is a management issue going on at Flower Crew

Fighting to the Team!


Flower Crew isn’t on strike but there are some other issues which I shall not mention here. I hope those issues are solved soon.


Yeah. A few people had just commented saying that the strike was the reason that the subtitles were slow.


Wishing them the best of luck!! : ) Jiayou ~


Thanks! The CM didn’t even tell us. I had to read the news in this thread first. Hopefully Viki learns from this, as in doing better research into who to give the job. I know many others, including myself, applied for CM too.


This was written by @dudie in this thread. When I copy-pasted this post into irmar’s sheet, I put her name there. What seems to be the issue here exactly?

Update: I see somebody deleted her name.

I’ll repeat once again: Please do not delete what other people wrote. Even if you don’t agree with it, even if it’s easy, even if you know you won’t get caught. Let’s respect each other’s efforts :slight_smile: