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I think somehow we have to add another rule to be a CM. I wish viki could add it (but oh well). And that is. that you are obligated to leave someone else in charge in absence more than a week in any type of not finished channel. As the members of the same team in a drama I think we have to be more aware of how is working, so the burden of it doesn’t follow in the CM only. But you are totally right Dudie I don’t know how they actually choose the CMs, I think they choose per application # and in the order of the application rather than who is applying?



Since you want to go there let me say to you respectfully: that MY concern at this moment are the English and MAINLY the Spanish subtitles, and since I don’t know French and can’t read/understand what’s wrong in them, let the French teams deal with whatever issues they have right now.

When I time and time again, mentioned the many errors the bot Spanish translation had, no one cared but I care bc Spanish is my first /native language, and I’m sick and tired of seeing this ridiculous subs in Spanish bc the English ones were done incorrectly. You didn’t do the translations in this dramas, right? Just the editing, right?

Just go and check and see if vikibot felt it needed to fill out some subs, and those were the ones I mentioned before. I even added one of the many subtitles in a thread that (I even have screenshot of the whole sentence that was all of it, from Google translate).

If you choose to take offense because you worked in that drama, it’s on you. I never mention names I only point out the subtitle minute 23:08 Episode 14. You probably didn’t edit that sentence bc it sounded right to you but it didn’t sound right to me, and I know a few more will agree with me not bc I’m part of their team bc you give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar. I know you will have your team backing you up and making me look like the bad one when all I’m doing is giving my opinion (and I’m not the only one who felt HTL was off in some subs translation, so we assumed is bc of the bot. We highly doubted a volunteer did those subtitle.

I have the right to my opinion, and the Spanish subtitle I point it out in there, was the most ridiculous subtitle I have ever read here on RakutenViki, and the sub to blame was the one in English. Everything was wrong in that sentence the words used, the unnecessary contraction added there, the past present tense etc…etc…Not forgetting that was taken 100% from the Google translate.

I have no intention to argue bc I can’t get into the drama, and see for myself what went wrong in there. I have NOTHING against you, you have been here for many years in so many dramas so you have to be doing your job right when you are the main editor for most of the on air dramas and others (even chinese dramas). I will not apologize bc my accusation was geared to the bot, never to you.

  • I see it like that (concerning the post of Spanish Vikibot translations suggestions picked by subbers):
    I don’t know enough Spanish subbers or if most of them pick bot translations suggestions.
    (a Spanish mod/volunteer would know better)

When some Spanish subbers picked the bot translation that is proposed, it is not something that Viki imposed, it is their choice.
If they don’t listen to mods warnings, what solutions the mod can find?
Some moderators, after warnings, won’t give a 5th chance to a subber who doesn’t care when the mod says something and because the mod has to edit.

When the decision comes from Viki to pick bot translations, it is different. It doesn’t come from volunteers or because some volunteers don’t listen to warnings.
The bot is imposed on us, we don’t have any choice. We don’t pick this quality as volunteers. Moderators can’t do warning against volunteers in this case, because it is not something done by volunteers.
It is something external, coming from Viki.

As mod, what can you do in that case?
You can’t remove Viki from the team after a 5th chance for ex…


Hi piranna

I did signed the spreadsheet in support of the French teams but oddly enough, my name was deleted and i couldn’t add my sub contribution count. hope is irrelevant and at least my comment was added I was 89? 88? and my support counts.

Many of the Spanish moderators I worked with can put more effort into making sure their subbers makes 99.9% sure the suggestion sub is correct, before clicking that FILL button. I have evidence that many, many spanish subbers all they do is click the fill button and go to their 5 different dramas in a day. These subbers work with the same moderators and although I complaint about them, they still keep them in the drama and send me the ''Go’s at odd hours or after the whole episode is fully subbed. You don’t need to be a witch to know what they’ve been doing.

These subbers make 2000 and even more subtitles a day. You must agree with me, that is humanly impossible to do (so many subs/translations) in one day, unless they just clicking a FILL button, and moving on to the next ‘‘Go’’ and the next, and the next…

The reason why I know this bc I don’t state/write anything here, unless I check and monitor what the subber is doing (especially if it’s a subber who doesn’t care one bit to have quality in the Spanish subs she’s adding in the drama, and I really don’t like those kind at all) This is their native language and they need to respect our language bc if we don’t do it, who will? The Portuguese subbers? The French subbers? The Italian subbers?

We all know the answer here : they’re just obsessed with having a QC status to see dramas for free maybe? I really don’t know their motive but I do know suggestion tool or vikibot imposed by Rviki doesn’t mean they can’t fix/edit what’s wrong in the subtitle, and if they don’t know how to…’‘maleta and go’’ They don’t deserve to be subbing dramas in Spanish. There are plenty subbers capable of doing that, and who love and are proud of their language like it should always be no matter what language we know.

When some Spanish subbers picked the bot translation that is proposed, it is not something that Viki imposed, it is their choice.

You know why is really their choice, piranna? bc they don’t know English, and if they do it’s so little/ poor that they can’t do much to translate the sub. This mods know that, why they keep them in the team? It’s a question I ask myself all the time. Because they are fast? But in the process we are reading subs that hurts our brain from trying to figure out what is it about…I have plenty of those subtitles saved in a file.I hope one day, I find out why they keep bad subbers over potential good subbers here pleading to be added in a team (not me).

Although, I’m also willing to edit these bot subtitles that are wrong but only if they pay me, I would do that but not/never for free bc I can write a good, decent spanish sub I have no need to edit a bot mess killing myself practically for free ( I hardly watch dramas here anyway). I watch many, many Rviki’s dramas on my big screen TV.


If you see that the quality is something problematic: first moderator, then CM, then Viki last resort.
(it’s long but at least you asked the correct people and they’re aware, it’s the communication we’d like to have that we should provide to others)

I don’t know why your name was erased, some people had the same pb.
I am not in charge of the sheet but I think if you could re-put your name, that’d be cool to see that you support this cause on this petition.
The name of Dudie was erased too, maybe by error, the important is that she could write her name back and we can see it’s her idea.

It’s possible for a volunteer to do 2,000 subtitles in one day if the day is dedicated to that. It represents about 5 episodes a day, about 10 hours in a day.
Probably among the volunteers who do 2k a day, some volunteers do classic subs from the mind with quality / some don’t.
I’ve met both xd

It’s the cons of the QC system and what we can do in that case (abusive contributions) are reports (ugh, just talking about reports, I have allergy :joy:).

In the sheet, we showed that Vikibot translations were not the translation of what was written or new words or all cons of vikibot.
We can’t speak to vikibot to tell him (and reporting it…)

If anyone sees translations looking like that in Spanish for an episode for ex and that are done by a volunteer: the treatment would have been different = check with mod and editors / CM if it doesn’t go well / in the end, it would have ended in a report.

We exactly have told the same idea globally for the bot in the sheet and took screens from Anna and Kylamia like a report of the vikibot activity. We also quoted subs examples done by Vikibot.


No, but in this case the CEO is also Japanese. You can see the difference in the Japanese programming as it is expanding and the more popular ones are struggling. The difficulties also started when the new CEO took over.


I have reported a few and several times already but nothing has been done about it. You know the situation here already. Now they even send me a reply message saying; ‘‘you have already reported this person,’’ and the form and everything I wrote in it, disappears (swear to god i’m not lying).

I just gave up… but thanks for the support you always give me.

Sweet dreams…I’m early to bed today. Feel exhausted from Doctor’s appointment.

Big hug,


PS It deleted my name again but i added to my comment. Good Night.


Hi community,

We have heard your feedback and read through your responses very carefully. Kindly see this new official staff post:

Thank you for being so supportive of the volunteering community.

Viki Community Team


Thanks for the clarification.


Dear @angelight313_168
I do translate from Korean to English as well as edit. I am not a native speaker of Korean but have taken seven years worth of courses at university level in Korean.
This is the first I was aware that you have a problem with the subtitle in episode 14 @ 23:08. Is it “Do all that flower watching you’ve been wanting to do and be on your way” ? Because of your complaint I checked the Korean “그렇게 원하시던 꽃구경이나 실컷 하다가 그냥 가요.” Roughly literal English definition of what was said in Korean order: "That which you wanted flower viewing/watching to your heart’s content do and just go. " (object of verb precedes the verb, noun modifying clauses precede the noun modified, adverb precedes verb) So the subtitle to me is accurate and complete.


To all posters
Congratulations on a job well done!


… it’s a question that bugged me a long time, as well…


What kind of attitude is this? So some may write suggestions, ideas etc. and others delete it then? So another waste of time when one thinks about what might make the situation better and others remove it.


One maynot even realize that the ideas were deleted since I guess not everyone does check the notes all the time…



Feedback for IT section:

They may be able to implement an option that does not overwrite already existing subs and only adds subs to empty segment text boxes without subs. If the vikibot works like that, the already done work by volunteers wouldn’t be wasted by a vikibot deletion when the bot has again a misdetection for inactivity.


Thank you to everyone for their solidarity!

Thank you for the petition and the sheet of suggestions and problems.
Thank you to Irmar for the document in English and mods who translated it yesterday!!

@anna79_9 you can discover the end of the dramas you were subbing!!!


Here is my message for Camille. We have progress, but it is not enough. They will do it again soon if we leave it there. So, no. We must wait viki READ and CONSIDER our recommandations.

----- Message for viki —

This is great for the French community and we are happy. However!

  • We do not want vikibot (translation + segmentation) on any channel, in any language.
  • We now want to discuss with vikistaff members in order to propose ideas to prevent this from happening again (the ideas were mentioned by Irmar)…
  • We also want more communication between you and us.

I think, Camille, you said “yes for that, but…” So the problem is not solved. We know you are inclined to listen now because we have your attention. It is therefore time for us to make ourselves heard, and our proposals. We hope you will make choices on these proposals.

The question is: where do we communicate with you? Should we post these recommendations in “help center”? Any proposal (DEAR CONTRIBUTORS)?

  • We want an answer about our recommandations. ANSWER FROM VIKI!
  • Otherwise, we know that you will do it again.


If you think Viki will continue with their bot when a channel is indeed inactive, then yes because it doesn’t solve the pb.

It should be stated clearly that the bot won’t be used in this way at least.
And for other matters… it’s solutions we tried to find to fulfill the conditions of “faster subs”, “subs and preventing /dealing with inactivity”, “subs wirh more people kf we give more visibility to dramas who look for ppl and ppl who look for dramas”, “subbers who can’t participate because of restrictions”…
It goes towards what Viki wanted to solve with the bot, we tried to find solutions that are in the advatange of viewers, Viki and volunteers: all parts involved.

Real life strikes here: double strikes, oh joy :joy:


We made a message for the fans (some of you guys wanted us to do it), to send, to explain the situation. What do you think guys? Should we send it or not? Do we have to explain to them what is happening now?


I would sent a message to the viewers because it is something that influences them as well in both ways.

It influences viewers when they do not get subs because of strike and it influences viewers when they get bot translations.


There are 13 languages available.

Those who think it’s important to send it, do it. Those who think that it is not important, do not do it.