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Hello everyone, just want to let you know, don’t know who but someone modify the access to the petition doc, it was not possible to modify anything on the document nor to add anything. I fixed that, so everyone who wanted to sign but couldn’t before can do it now.


Your post is delet :pensive: now i can see just this ( oops

You’re not authorized to access this page )

what happened?:thinking:
I helped translate it into Arabic. My efforts were lost in vain😷



I was able to have access to it earlier and now can’t like others said it says “You’re not authorized to access this page”…


The Viki Chronicles


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What happened is that I changed a sentence a little bit. A very minor edit to clarify something that korky had noted.
And then it showed “Pending approval” again.
So I suppose once it gets approved it will show up again. At least I hope.
First time they are so sensitive. My post about geo-blocking, I edited it a gazillion times, added formatting, added a picture, added translations in five languages and this never happened.


Are we “listed” now? When the “log out kick” happened at the weekend I replied at the Help Center and guess what it went to “pending approval”.
I just watched “Big Issue” should I say I feel paranoid? :wink: Joking - maybe safety measures?
I wished they would happen in the (timed) comment/review section.
Why do I never see them when some make 4 posts at the Help Center on one day with links to “uncertain pages (gamble/sports betting)”?


Cant enter the page since the last weekend


In one of my channels I give a long answer to one of the viewers at the discussion board onder the cover, this person was making a valid question about subs and volunteers, etc, atc… after I clic post it said “moderation pending” I was surprised, is the first time hapening to me. So…


Vikibot’s job contract included an indemnifying clause against early dismissal, so Viki had to keep it employed, albeit in entry level jobs, such as ‘post-aproval-guidelines manager’.


I made a suggestion for the bot
You will need to wait the pending approval is in the works.


What, you mean Viki?


Sharing an excerpt from an article written by a PhD in AI found on Medium

How my research in AI put my dad out of a job (2017)


"As it turns out, many jobs will follow a similar pattern: they will be transformed rather than disappear. With this hypothesis in mind, we created a simple framework to determine the likelihood that a job will be automated. First, split the job into its tasks, including both those that are officially part of the job, and those that people do in practice. Then for each of these tasks, check how likely it is to be automated based on the following criteria:

  1. Is it technically doable? Sometimes the technology or data simply doesn’t exist, and thus, no matter how much we want to automate the task, it is actually impossible.

  2. Does it require complex manual intervention? As it turns out, robotics isn’t following the exponential trend of AI, mostly due to the time and cost of building and testing a robot. Something as simple as making coffee is out of reach for robots, since each machine is different and the required hand movements are very complex. This means that most non-repetitive manual jobs are safe.

  3. Is it socially acceptable? Just because a task is automatable doesn’t mean we want to actually automate it. A good example is a soccer referee. Current AI technologies could easily analyze the game in real time and apply the rules on the fly. But doing this would actually make the game boring, as it would stop constantly! The human referee has the ability to supersede the rules, judging from context whether to follow them or to let play.

  4. Does it require emotional intelligence? This one is obvious to most people. Some tasks require a subtle understanding of human emotion. And although a machine could show empathy, it won’t actually feel empathy. This is why a human doctor will always be better at delivering a diagnosis than a machine, and why human managers will always be better than AI ones!

  5. Does it require general intelligence? :white_check_mark: AIs today do much better than humans at specific, narrow tasks, but are unable to generalize what they learned to other problems, or adapt to context. For example, an autonomous car can learn to drive on a road better than a human, but won’t know how to handle improbable situations. This was brilliantly exemplified by an artist who created an autonomous car trap that consists of a dotted white circle surrounding a solid white circle. A human would immediately spot that this is absurd, but an AI would think “oh I can cross that dotted line”, only to be trapped inside because it wouldn’t be able to cross the solid line! Human: 1, AI: 0 :wink:

James Bridle’s autonomous car trap


AI and translation

Translation technology vendors answers on:

What are the areas in which you see artificial intelligence playing a role in your technology and/or in the translation-related technology of other vendors?

Found many different povs, the ones I’d like to mention:
(MT: Machine Translation
NMT: Neural Machine Translation)

We think about the role of AI in Lilt’s technology in terms of augmented intelligence. The idea that AI is somehow able to automate the entirety of translation via pure MT is misguided, especially for content that requires a high level of quality. You can’t really “solve” MT until you solve artificial intelligence, which is itself very much an unsolved problem. We need to think about how we can use AI to augment human translation quality and speed. Translation is an art form, and Lilt’s focus is on how we can continue to develop technology that uses AI to enable translators to do their best work. In short: machines should work with, and learn from, human translators.

Artificial intelligence is fascinating and scary. Human language and translation in particular are perhaps the most difficult challenges that machines face. Natural language is a very compressed channel of information that is densely packed with meaning. It requires contextual information beyond the words themselves to be understood.
Language is the greatest challenge that machines face because it’s the most human thing there is.

For instance, AI will not spot issues that are unique or rare, or issues that might not have been present in the data set on which it was trained.

Having this set of intelligent tools at their fingertips, there is a certain likelihood that translators will spend more time overseeing and managing a translation process versus starting to translate from scratch (i.e., a shift from “from-scratch” translation to review).


AI translation has its limitations (2018)

"Speaking to Wired about deep learning in general, one Google researcher noted that “People naively believe that if you take deep learning and…1,000 times more data, a neural net will be able to do anything a human being can do, but that’s just not true.” Despite its rising popularity, AI translation is not quite there yet compared to experienced human translators.

A recent contest in South Korea pitted machine translation tools against a team of professionals in translating two texts from Korean to English and vice versa. According to VentureBeat, the results of the 50-minute test revealed that “90% of the NMT [neural machine translated] text was ‘grammatically awkward,’ or… definitely never the kind of translation produced by any educated native speaker.”



Every time I go to upvote any of your post it says this (now in French, last time it was in English/ that I have no permission to access that page. Are you aware of that? And why it’s saying that, if the page was approved by help center? Do you know? Waiting for an answer.

Oh !

Vous n’êtes pas autorisé(e) à consulter cette page.

Retourner à la page d’accueil


I have also experienced programs that were clearly translated by a bot rather than a human and see the gender confusion (he called she etc.) but more than this, it’s the language nuance that is lost. Every language has different ways of saying things and literal translation by a bot loses these critical differences.
One of the best things that is lost if a human is not translating is when a program uses an idiom. Frequently when a human is translating, they will actually explain the idiom so we all understand it. A bot will never be able to do this.
When using a translating tool (bot etc.) even if you translate from original to alternate language (no matter the language) and you then take what it translated and translate it back to the original language it typically will say something completely different than what was intended. It has been my personal experience that I have to translate back and forth a minimum of 3 times in each language (exchanging one word for another) to actually capture the true intent of the original message.
I am not sure that this is directed specifically at French for a reason as I could certainly see them targeting all language translation this way just because it is faster. That would be a travesty because again as viewers we will no longer get the actual meaning or intent behind the program or any cultural nuances. The idioms will no longer make sense and the joy that we all have watching these shows will be lost. At that point I will certainly have to cancel my membership and find something else that continues to capture all of the things that make these shows what I want to pay to watch.


Destroying already submitted translations is absolutely not o.k. - You cannot treat everybody alike, at least look at the situation before contacting teams and replacing subs.


Hello everyone, viki contacted some of us for participate in a videocall to share our suggestions and recommendations, to express ourselves. I really thank you all for your involvement. We can stop this strike (action) and move on to communication now.

If some of you want to participate in this videocall, do not hesitate to send me a message. It will be certainly on Friday 27th September at 11 AM PDT.



Good luck and maybe it’s a good idea to write some things down you want to say. I had a few Video calls with staff before and I always forgot things or I had a minor black out where I knew what I wanted to say but forgot the English :joy:

Hopefully it will be a good ‘meeting’


Also good luck from my side and I would also write down all the things you want to solve.
I hope for the BesT!


I had made a typo in the title and I edited it, so it started to be “Pending Approval” again.