Machine translation from Viki


Let us know when the pending is lifted.


@irmar How about a “pending party” anyone else with us? I am curious will it be another 12 hrs before the approval? How long did we wait already?


I’m not allowed to post a funny gif along with “Can’t wait for this Kdrama” in the comment section anymore because the second I hit the button to post it it goes on “pending for approval” and a few hours later it’s removed. (It happened in the Tale Of Nokdu yesterday but it has happened more times the past few weeks)

@camiille why is this happening?


This must be a different issue (it often happens to me as well, especially if I put any links or mention other streaming websites), because these comments are the realm of Disqus rather than Viki. They often tell me I have been banned from Viki as well. Usually clearing History, cookies, cache, and restarting the browser solves the problem. Not always, though.


WHAT!!! What did I say!?! LOL…I figured out a way to paste the Volunteers notification to the fans with the multi language links to the Main Channel Comments because of Disqus’s “you’ve made that post already” ban. I just added “flowers” to the document a new one with each post. (In memory of the flower power Volunteers) I know what you are going through I have made posts that have “gone” to moderation after posting it & I may see a bunch of errors that I need to edit, but IF it comes OUT of moderation one edit of anything sends the whole post back in.
My Trick now? I copy the contents & replace it with “Opps” & hit Save then paste it into a text doc & go over it with a fine tooth comb for anything I want to edit & post it again I may have to do it a couple of times until the “Waiting for moderation” goes away 'cause sometimes it is hard to figure out just what it was that sent it into “Moderation” in the first place. And once all my “Oops” posts come out of moderation I just delete them.
This won’t work for when you are editing the title of a discussion page I don’t think. The Hoops we all must jump through to get OUR voices heard…
Oh & let me know when it comes out again I tried to access it because I wanted to read your suggestions again to see if I’d come up with any more of my own.
Keep Fighting EVERYONE!


One of the reasons I had to edit was to incorporate your concerns. Anyway, I copy pasted the whole thing here, on the tab “Post to Viki”


I didn’t translate a lot, but still. All that time many passionate volunteers have sacrificed… all that sweat… all the work that hass been put in these translations. If this work is replaced by a robot, I really hope all the viewers will go. This is not something fair nor is it respectful to every worker.
I really hope it’ll be possible to change that.
Be strong my friends. We don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve this.


I just had somebody in real life tell me they are watching dramas again on Viki that they had originally watched via other methods because… the subtitles are so much better!!

No bot can compare to hard work put in by Viki volunteers.


Any news from the videocall?


Yes, it happened, and was a great success. There was Marilliam (main speaker, with excellent communication skills), Camille, Amy and Sean. She said “I agree” more than 20 times in 2,5 hours and it seems that they were already planning some improvements, and will take into account suggestions in doing so.
However they said it’s confidential and they are going to issue a communication of the things that CAN be shared. Probably on Monday, since they sent the draft to us to say if we’re okay with it, and some of us in Europe for whom it was Friday after midnight may not have done so within Friday USA working hours - and as you know they don’t work on weekends.

Listen, if you want my impression, there seemed to be sincere goodwill, and a willingness to communicate more. If what they said happens, it will be a good thing. Let’s wait and see. As you very well know, “Manolis with words can build upper floors and basements” (brrr… it sounds so weird in English)

P.S. I didn’t know niennavalar was such a beauty! (and her English is just perfect)

[Viki Community Team] French Machine Translations

Oh dear! It wasn’t a bot! It was a pod! :scream:

(Jokes aside, maybe Viki has finally arrived in 2019 and realized a few things about their business sector)

As long as you get the gist of the drama plot, any translation is fine.


Korean and English happen to be the worst pair of languages to translate automatically, because of the completely different word order, the Korean’s lack of articles or other gender markers etc.

Someone gave me a tip once, when using Google translate, to translate Korean into Japanese and then Japanese to English. Because it seems GT has much more data and corrections for Japanese than for Korean.

Automatic translation between European languages fares much better - although ludicrous, it’s not downright incomprehensible, you can get the general sense, whereas from Korean to English sometimes you’re left without the slightest idea of what it’s about.


That’s interesting, so Korean language is even worse than English related to being precise…

GT works with Chinese to European language too.


@irmar @lutra Are your posts to the help center still pending? I was looking for them without success.


@juliasreise Yes, still pending.


I was doing some Spanish subs in an on air drama, and I realized the subtitles were ‘‘bot translated’’ .When the subs were done by a viki subber, it always had the question marks, exclamation, and periods at the end etc…but these subs were missing most of that.

It had a lot of excess words that were obviously not needed in the sentence. By the time you finish reading the sub, the next sub was in view so I practically had to pause to be able to see-read the whole sub to start my spanish translation. Some of the Spanish translation were a riot ( I was laughing so much). The spanish translation was difficult bc some of the English sentence didn’t make a lot of sense so I tried my best.

Ironically, I kept getting ‘‘kicked out’’ and most of my ‘‘good subs,’’ were deleted bc the machine sees them as being wrong. It was so much hard work and to have it deleted it was so unfair…(


I think the pending approval is over at least it looked like that for me …
My post:

Irmar’s post:


Shouldn’t we inform the community to upvote them as we did for the region restrictions?


The community staff of Viki has posted a response, so they most likely already saw these posts and have them in their mind.

We can still upvote to show our support and I did as well.


I meant notify all people following the series because not everyone comes here in the discussion forum. Many don’t know it altogether and now that it doesn’t appear without having to look for it even less people will see it.