Making subtitles from English to Swedish


Does anyone know any Mainland Chinese series that is in need of a Swedish subtitles? I’m native English and Swedish, learning Chinese, so it would be wonderful to work with English-Swedish subtitling on a Chinese series. :smile:

Vet någon om det finns kinesiska serier som är i behov av svensk textning? Jag är tvåspråkig i engelska och svenska, samtidigt som jag lär mig kinesiska. Därmed vore det fantastiskt om det fanns kinesiska serier där jag kan översätta från engelska till svenska. :smile:


What you could do to get going faster is take a look at the last 10 most popular dramas and check out if they had Swedish moderators. Then you contact all of them and offer your services.

At first try to accept any drama that comes your way. Once you accumulate enough subs to be able to take on Moderator position yourself, you will have all the freedom to contact Channel Managers directly for any project you might like :blush:

Also, there is a Discord group which might help you network faster with the Viki community.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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You can post there, usually moderators contact you then :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much :smile:
I was contacted by a Channel Manager and am very please and happy about that. However, I will definitely take a closer look at this post in the future.
Thank you for the advice and your support.

Might be a dumb Q but doesn´t a subtitler nead to go to the Sandbox and Ninja academy first? If TS has done so I aplogise (förlåt jag går själv segmentering och då har man så klart flera steg). I´m just curious not that intressted at the mo as i´m learning segmenting in the academy.

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Learning segmenting yes. Learning subbing is a 1-to-1 mentor-student unofficial thing.


I wish it was so. There is some sort of subtitling exam, but only if you translate from Chinese to English/Spanish. I guess those are the second languages all else translates from.
However, for me, translating into Swedish, there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity (yet) to showcase my skills. However, I found someone who took a chance on me - so I guess it is down to the good tone of the Viki family. :-:heart_eyes:

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If you haven´t seen this page then have a look it´s my go to page when it comes to Viki! Lycka till (förresten så är segmentering jättekul om du skulle ha lust och lärarna är jätte trevliga)!