Man to Man - Are you watching? (Possible Spoilers)

I know that “Man to Man” is not on Viki and that is really unfortunate, but I was hoping to still be able to discuss the drama with anyone watching.

I watched the first two episodes and I loved it. Park Hae Jin is just made for the role. He’s very serious but with a touch of comedy. Overall, the first two episodes were fun, fast paced and intriguing.

Not so sure about the female lead, but I’ll reserve my judgment of her until later. :slight_smile:

If you’re watching, what did you think?


I want to watch it! Park Hae Jin is my favourite actor… I guess I will have to watch it on Netflix :frowning:

I love his acting, too. The first couple of episodes were pretty good. Looking forward to more. And boy, can PHJ wear a suit. His fashion on this drama is so on point. Whoever is his stylist, needs a raise. :slight_smile:


I also watched the first two episodes. I liked it.
The story is good. These 2 first chapters raised so many questions.
The pace and the plot are good as well with the perfect dose of funny scenes.

I am so happy to see Yeon Jung Hoon back on screens (this actor was made to play the villain) and the handsome Park Hae Jin as a male lead. Finally, he’s been given the chance to shine.
I already love the cast in general. I think we are going to have a very good supporting cast.
Not sure about the female lead for the moment, though…

I pay a lot attention to the OST in dramas in general as I think a bad soundtrack can damage a good show and sometimes ruin a good scene. Happy this is not the case for Man to Man. The songs are cute. ^:^

Spoiler Alert:
The last scene of the ep 2 was woow.
What a great action scene. Hope we’ll have some others like this one in the next episodes…


Viki lleva mucho tiempo que va muy por detras de otras plataformas. Ahora se han dedicado a poner series chinas y estan dejando de lado las series coreanas. Van muy muy muy por detrás. Ahora mismo hay poco que ver,

Bueno, en cuanto a este drama en particular, no fue porque Viki no quisiera tenerlo. Netflix pagó por los derechos a nivel mundial para su plataforma. Nada que hacer si alguien paga más y quiere empezar a hacer competencia.

Agreed. That last scene was really well done. :slight_smile:

The female lead is a question most have. From the comments that I’ve seen, she’s not very well liked at the moment. I hope it is because her character is supposed to be like that…annoying. We’ll see how it progresses.

The cast overall is really good. They sure picked the right actors for their roles. Can’t wait until Friday. :slight_smile:


Impatiently waiting for a new episode. :slight_smile:


I am ! I just agree with everything you said !
Just 2 ep but I’m already hooked. So many questions and people background stories I want to know !

Edit : This drama gives me some James Bond mix with Jason Bourne & Bodyguard vibes. I know it’s weird but I get this and that element here and there that makes me think of them. Or is it just that I like spy movies a lot ? Lol !

What can I had, I was glad to see Agus again ! If I remember well, I think Song Joon Ki will also make a cameo, no ?


Dongsaeng, you’re watching too ? Oh yeah ! :blush:
Lol, I was so happy when I saw Yeon Jung Hoon too. (Mask memories flowing all over the place) I was like : “we have a badass lead, and now a badass villain. It’s all set to be an amazing drama !” :sunglasses: XD

The OST addict your Unni is was so pleased ! Hihihi ! :yum:

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I already watched the last one. Waiting for ep3 was so hard!

Yes I am, Unni! Happy you too. :slight_smile:

I watched ep 1 & 2 twice lol. I like it so far. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

I feel you regarding Yeon Jung Hoon. I missed his acting.
The vilain found a very good match in this drama.
Agent K Vs Mo Seung Jae (Yeon Jung Hoon). Miam, It’s going to be good.

No wonder you are so pleased with the OST, the songs are really good.
I am sure you already googled all of them… lol

By the way, do I have the right to wish for zero romance between the leads?
I soooo do not ship them together.

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Park Hae Jin :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: ! Seriously how don’t love this actor ?
I like this drama for Park Hae Jin of course, but also this mixture of action and humor !
If there aren’t no romance with the main actress, I am ready to devote myself to take her place ^^


Lol, I was going to send you message to talk to you about this discussion, Ms Park Hae Jin Lover ! :wink:
I’m so not surprise to see you here ! Hahaha ! Lol, you’re already applying for the main girl spot, hein ! :grin:

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Just for eyes ^^

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Vee told me for this discussion ^^
As you said it, I’m Ms Park Hae Jin Lover, I owed be there ^^


Lol, you know me well ! Indeed, I already looked for some OST ! :confounded:

Same, I don’t think I would be bother if there’s no romance between the leads. Don’t know but so far I’m not into the main girl. But it seems agent K is already falling without knowing.

I only watched 2 ep (unlike somebody, Grrrrrr !) so maybe she will come to like her later. I hope soon, lol. For now, I’m appreciating our villain’s wife. This girl, she tends to play the villain’s wife whose on the good side, lol (recall Yong Pal).

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Me neither, I wouldn’t mind if there was no romance at all…
After watching the first 2, I was not sure about her, but after the 3rd one… well… you know.
But unfortunately, like you said, Agent K is already falling for her, so I will have to bear with it.
@nefry is not really into the female lead either, but we cannot be certain she’s really objective regarding that question haha (king Hae Jin and the concubines issue).

Unni, the villain’s wife gives me some Yong Pal’s feels every time she appears on the screen. She’s good! That’s why I also don’t like her character in this drama (for the moment).

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#fangirling ^:^

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concubines? where ? who ? with me ZERO concubine^^