Mexican Series: Rubi needs some team members

The beautiful but poor Rubí will do anything to make her dream reality and become rich - she will even give up the greatest love of her life.
The channel for this series is missing out on some team members, any volunteers?

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Isn’t ther and spanish-English translators out there?:frowning:

This was quite popular in my country when I was younger, unfortunately I am not that confident in my spanish skills, otherwise I would totally help.

I am a native speaker, and I don´t feel confident in my English skills, jajaja, so we could both work together!

Estoy buscando ayudar en algunos proyectos, puedo ayudar traduciendo español - inglés y viceversa. Por favor envíame mensaje privado si aún estas interesado en conseguir ayuda.

I could help translate the show to English. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to do that^^

Hi there! I’d like to be a segmenter. Could I join to the team?

You should ask the channel manager for that:

hi i want to help to with the spanish subs xD

I can help if you still need it :slight_smile:

Hola. I can help subbing Spanish to English.

hey guys…what happened to Rubi??! :worried:
I Really want to watch it. :smile:
Please post it… :pray: