Moderator advice

I’m a new moderator seeking help
I recently took in a movie (I reached 5,000 subs) that I’m still creating my team for, but since it’s my first time as mod I’m seeking guidance to do my best.
Excuse me if my questions are stupid but I want to know how to do everything perfectly to deliver the best outcome.

  1. Should I edit after editors?
  2. Am I the one who messages the CM for progress or is the CM responsible to message me?
    I’d appreciate all the extra advices and things moderators and CM’s here think will benefit me or they would’ve liked to know in the beginning of their journey as mods)
    Thank you!
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What is a worksheet?

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It’s the spreadsheet made on google sheets where the subtitlers put up their names beside the parts they are doing to manage the subtitling better and to avoid confusions.

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You mean SPREADSHEET. I hate them, and they are such a mess.

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I think it’s better to work with one since it organizes everything and has most things like intros and songs subtitles (At least for my language), it’s hard to work without them. It also helps unite the names and repetitive places and terms used so that everyone writes the same spelling and no one gets confused.


Yes, definitely! What would I do without it. The English team has Team Notes, but even they are sometimes hard to navigate, whereas a spreadsheet has the different tabs and you find everything immediately.

As for your questions:

  1. It is possible for a show to have two editors. As the English team has a General English Editor and a Chief Editor, some languages have two of them, 1st editor and 2nd editor. A second pair of eyes is always useful, because we’re human and there are things that we may overlook. This said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the moderator. If you don’t feel your skills are better than the 1st editor, then you shouldn’t be the 2nd, unless it is to catch typos or formatting issues. Generally said, there isn’t a rule, different teams organize themselves in different ways.
  2. The CM (or the Chief Editor of the English team) will send a message to all Other Language moderators to give them the green light to start subbing. After your team is done subbing and editing, and the work is complete, it is courtesy to send a message to the CM and tell him/her. Not a rule, but nice. You don’t have to update the CM on the progress, i.e. “We are now at 50%” or “The translation is ready, now we have started editing”.

If you have anything else you’d like to know, we’re here!


Thank you for your help!


I just send them a pm or send a group message.
I just allot parts to them and after they finish I just edit and lock the episodes.i have only a few subbers on my team.

I think it is a good idea the spellings should be the same throughout the drama.
But I don’t know how to create one. So I am thinking of posting on discussion on our language thread so that any newly joined subber can easily access it but I think there is another way too can any one help me to create it please and after creating it can I keep the Link in the team notes? I mean for the next drama I will be working on thats a necessary tool because there are so many names .

The simplest way is to open a Google account and use Google drive to create a shareable document. I prefer using text files over spreadsheets since they give me more formatting freedom.

There are two ways of sharing the document:

  1. it can only be viewed by others
  2. it can be viewed and edited by others (for the team members who I trust).

I work in small teams (not more than 3-4 people) where I am a Moderator and an Editor. But that is because I have full confidence in my language, punctuation and formatting skills. As in, every comma needs to be properly placed :smirk:



Yes, I agree with you some people have decent ‘‘working’’ spreadsheet, but some spreadsheets reflects the lack in The CM’ s/ Moderators work. They are disorganized, and so messy looking. I only can praise one spreadsheet that was a pleasure to put info into, and wonderful to look for info needed. Too bad I can’t remember who was responsible for that terrific work in the spreadsheet, so well organized and easy to access. It was a longgggg time ago because after that, the ones I’ve seen so far, are a disaster. BTW my native language is Spanish and my second language is English. I can’t give opinion on any other language spreadsheets.

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So you just share the link of the text document to the new subber right?

I’ll share few helpful links with you:

Our German Teams work only with Google doc sheets or worksheets, with a table that contains rows and columns organized for episode number, deadline, parts with assigned subtitler or open parts where a subtitler can write in. (Not an excel sheet!)

Before that the whole team is written out, then the credit and whatever should be always the same (for exemple title of the drama).

Next basic subtitling rules and detailed rules for example in historical dramas, as for polite addressing and noble titling, and you can add each character with details for whatever purpose and a list of words that all subtitlers should maintain in unison… and of course the lyrics :slight_smile:

You can set the document to “can edit or can suggest with a sharable link”.
Just try to play with the doc that would help you and your team, with experience you might add and take away things and it becomes more polished. - Also read the Team Notes in the Editor for helpful info and lyrics.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks @simi11 and @bozoli this info helps the new moderators(like mee) a lot !:blush:

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Who ever is the Editor on the team should also get the right to edit the google doc. While subtitlers for example don’t necessarily need editing rights and you can send them the Read-only link for the document.

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In my case, I ask the subtitlers to put their names near a part when they intend to translate it, and when they are finished, mark the percentage they have done. They also write any questions they have there. This means they must have the editing rights. But I know other moderators who just use these google docs or sheets as just an information database. It depends on how each of us works, there’s no hard and fast rule.
Here is an example.
The Status tab shows the progress.
Then there is the Useful tab, the frequent terms tab, the character tab, the subs tab (I keep all the previous subs when they are ready and edited, to use in case of flashbacks etc.), the OST tab, ready to copy-paste, my translation guidelines (formatting, Korean terms and other stuff) as well as other useful resources. For instance that is a drama about pickpockets and gangsters, so I have the Mafia glossary and low-life glossary.

As soon as a project is finished, I change the permissions and change them to “view only”.


Okay, WOW. Can’t believe you keep all the subs too! That’s really precise! :scream:

Once again, a huge thank you to all the wonderful teams working so hard here, WE LOVE YOU!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Those false friends were very funny :grin:


False friends are terrible, because, like real-life human false friends, they give you a sense of security, so that you fall even deeper!
But do you understand Italian? I didn’t know.
The most terrible and most numerous false friends are between Spanish and Italian. Really really many and really really terrible.

  • Burro means butter in Italian but donkey in Spanish. (Butter in Spanish is mantequilla)
  • Largo means wide in Italian but long in Spanish. (Wide in Spanish is ancho).
  • Aceto means vinegar in Italian but Aceite is oil in Spanish. (While vinegar is vinagre).
  • Imbarazzo means embarrassment in Italian but embarazo means pregnancy in Spanish. You can guess what kind of misunderstandings can come from that one!

I didn’t know other languages face that because in my language (Arabic) all the moderators have amazing looking spreadsheets easy to access and are pleasant to look and add info to, everyone uses google spreadsheet



That’s how most spreadsheets look like in my language (I’m the one who did this one)
The characters names on the left, some common mistakes to avoid on the right, button references on the bottom of the image and the songs on the down right side.
And then the Parts and subber names and comments down.
And they also have easy to access links that can make others be able to edit it or only view it.