Moderators and Subbers~ Urgently Korean Subber Needed

Hi! I’m recruiting Italian,German and all languages Moderators for the Chinese Drama “I’m Pregnant with your Baby”. If you are interested leave me a message here or send me a PM. Each Episode is 25 minutes. Also need Chinese and all language subbers. The drama and the channels below are worldwide licenced!

Also the next Channels will welcome you if you decide to join the team as a subber, Moderator or Segmenter please send me a message:

Easy fortune happy Life—> Drama / Spanish subbers needed

KARA STARGRAPHY KBS Documentary to Reveal All About Kara /Korean To English Subbers needed

M&N —> Korean Music Channel

Shanghai Love Story -----> Short Film 100% english 100% Spanish ready for other languages, if insterested please send me PM.

To Each A Flower------> Short Film* 100% English 100% Spanish ready for other languages, if insterested please send me PM.

Beijing Love Story. ---->Short Film 100% English 100% Spanish, ready for other languages! if insterested please send me PM.**

Chong Qing Love Story<img 100%English Ready for other Languages

Qing Dao Love Story—>100% English Short film

Truth Or Dare- Finale—>100% English Short film

Thank you!

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Hi! “To Each A Flower” is composed by this only episode? I would like participating as italian mod and subber :slight_smile:

Thank you, yes I’ll add you as italian moderator. Would you like me to add you for the other movies as well? , all those movies belong to a special valentine collection (they are all about love) so yes each short film is only about 20 min each. They are very artistic and have good music :slight_smile: you can start with “to Each a flower” and let me know about the others.

Ok, you can add me for the others as well :slight_smile:
Thank you, is always a pleasure working together :smiley:

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I will, thank you

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If you still need any segmenters for any of the shows, I’m available to help.

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if you need an Arabic Moderator
I can do it

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Do you want to be Moderator for all the shows above, the drama too?

Thanks to all moderators segmenters and subbers who have join the teams, please if you are interested in watch this shows in your language send me PM

Hi, I would love to help in these project

Hi Mirle, please send me a PM and tell me in which language.Thank you.

I want toooo XD please
To Each a flower
and also i can be segmerter for I´m pregnat with your baby
o cualquiera c:


Hola :smiley: contacta a anaramsan ella es la moderadora de M&N, y to each a flower esta ya completo en espanol. Gracias !!!

Hi, if you don’t mind with a part-time segmenter (meaning, I might only do it every other day, not everyday), I can help with with your 50-episodes-long “I’m pregnant with your baby” drama…

Tasya :wink:

Thank you!!!

We need hebrew Subbers for the drama, if you are interested please send a PM to rakefet365 she is the hebrew moderator.

I’m also looking for a korean subber for the KARA Stargraphy channel. Thank you

Buenas tardes, Me gustaria participar moderando en español, segmentando The each a Flower , si es posible. Gracias

buuu XDD bien

Hola To each a flower esta completo , segmentado, en ingles y español. Pero te aviso para dos canales mas de short films que voy a agregar aqui dentro de poco.

Hola ya hice el post de los otros dos canales por si te interesa alguno. gracias