Moderators and Subbers~ Urgently Korean Subber Needed

sara, Shanghai is ready for you, feel free to translate it. :smiley:

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We are needing Korean to ENglish subbers for “Kara Stargraphy” Thank you!

100% subbed, cover ready. ^.^

Thank you!!!

Hola. I can help subbing from English to Spanish if you still need some help :smile:

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Thank you I do, I’ll send you a PM

Mirle, Can you start with the QingDao love story? Thank you!

The drama Easy fortune Happy life, is recruiting Spanish subbers, please send me a PM if interested.

Hola Niennavalar

aún necesitan ayuda en Easy fortune Happy life?

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Te llego al Go?

I can sub from english to german if needed

Yes! perfect!

Me llego Nienn, todo bien =D

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