Moderators who hoard channels


She said in June that she wanted to reduce her time online … So, maybe she succeeded? As for her profile here, it shows that she at least peaked into Discussions on September 1st.


This totally contradicts what @irmar said… But she also said rules are unclear… Gosh, could we have Viki stuff chime in and clarify for all? That would be nice!



Ok, thanks a lot. I’m glad she’s okay, and just taking a break. I got a bit worried bc last time we ‘‘talked’’ she had gotten her vaccine, and after that I didn’t see her ‘‘around.’’


Geez… this is a nightmare! 5 or 9, people?


Me neither, so you might have talked to her later, than I saw her, so try contacting her.


& = + = and, I don’t see the problem there, LOL but with 9 positions, but I guess, there were still enough moderators saying, I can do this easily, since I only manage teams and do nothing else … ???


Seems pretty clear to me. 4 series which are currently airing, plus 5 series which have already finished airing. 9 in total.


Yeah? How does that compare with this rule?

Not clear really…


5,9 etc. and I still a few minutes ago found a user with 30 not finished or even not started projects… I’m afraid what I would find if I start to look deeper T_T


You may not see the problem but there is one: if people tell you they will report you to Viki if you get more than 5 Moderations, you may want to make sure of the rules before asking 4 more moderations. The fact that you can handle 1 or 9 is a different topic I am not interested in finding an answer for at this time. Lol! The rule should be one for all and clear!


Oh, believe me, I was there, had some old project took the moderation was clear with the CMs about it taking a lot longer. Since it was an old project, but QC needed not many wanted to join the team, then I asked Viki about license ends and there were some on the horizon, so I wrote again to CMs and some didn’t see the necessarily to take me off the team.
For some projects I wrote if someone wants to take it I would hand it over, but still there were voices coming up I would be a hoarder and blocking others from contributing, no one ever contacted me, or wanted these projects. So who did I block? Till today this is a mystery to me …
Except for one project where I still had a lot of episodes to finish but the license was due in a few months. One subber wanted to help and in the end I gave her the project. The license was extended a little. Why I stopped translating there? I had major technical issues running the sub editor … No fun, if a video freezes every 3-4 subs. And it took months for Viki to take care of the problem.

So, believe me, I am aware. I know what the community can be as well, but staying away from fire, doesn’t mean you won’t feel the heat. :wink: Well, most of the channels are now deleted or no longer licensed in my region, so the problem solved itself.


Where did she write anything about the 4 plus 5?


She did not. She said it is 5 total, not 5+4=9. She said the total number you can have is 5. At least that is how she interpreted it based on the screenshot (Viki’s rule) I sent you.


Where did you dig up that?

It seems the only issue is the number of on-airs, 4 or 5. Could be that Gold QC get to work on 5 on-airs, while QC “just” on 4.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter. I have tons of “unfinished” projects, mostly movies which someone else had translated to a language similar to mine, before I had a chance to. I’m not going to loose any sleep, and especially not miss the opportunity to ask for new projects just because of this rule. Things are never black and white and you can’t have firm rules for every single language, for every single situation and for every single issue.


@irmar could you verify this for us what you mean with 5 included.

There is clearly written 4 on air plus 5 library titles.


This is not the primary aim of these rules. The only reason these rules are put into action is to give CMs a reasonable ground to reject you when they are choosing moderators. They are not to give people free hands to be vindictive or steal Moderator positions.


I disagree with you: the rule is one for all languages and it comes from Viki, whatever that rule may be. It should not be subject to interpretation and it should be clear. People have been reported to Viki and banned (I was told) for working on too many projects. And by “too many”, I was told they were more than 5 repeatedly.
I am asking what the rule is. If you chose to disregard it, that’s fine. But I would like to know THE rule. Thank you all.


If you just copied these sentences, then we could look at the source where you found it out of context it could be outdated information, so I don’t know how to answer it.


I am not objecting you! I would like certainty, not a discretional interpretation. In this thread, my understanding is that some people think we can have 5 Mods at the same time, others think we can have up to 9. It does make a huge difference, at least in the community I am part of… where they constantly remind us we cannot have more than 5! Otherwise, Viki will step in…


Not old info by any means.