Moderators who hoard channels


This somewhat reminds me of when a moderator creates a spreadsheet or something for a drama, where the subtitlers should write their names on the parts they’re going to subtitle. but some of them just write their name and then don’t do anything, as if reserving it. But the problem arises when they leave it like that for several days not doing anything with it but stopping other subbers who wouldn’t mind doing them from working, making the episode spend a week or two as 70% subbed. That just really gets on my nerves :expressionless::unamused:


@ tweet998
All Arabic mods use spreadsheets and I see this also happening there. Users reserve a part but work on it very late. Another user could have done it much fast. That is why I have a rule in my team, that you can only put down your name on the part you will work on now. If you want to work on it tomorrow or later, don’t write your name. If they write their name, but don’t start working in the next 30 min, I remove it and allow another member to do it.


Or teams with 15 subbers and only 3 are actually subbing so it takes forever to finish a drama. Or when some reserve a part keeping it for weeks but in the end never doing it so someone else has to do it while certain episodes then have always unfinished parts.

That is also quite demotivating for the whole atmosphere.


that’s where I saw it. I am Arabic. Hello. Nice to meet you. :grinning:


So that happens for subbing too? These days with segging it’s a rule that you don’t take an another part before you finished one. If you do you might get in trouble with your teammates.The timer actually does kick you out if someone else is entering after a certain timeframe. I don’t think the editor has that as it allows multiple people to get in at the same part to sub in various languages.

Maybe the OL teams can come up with a standard rule too like no claiming unless you work on it now. If not someone can take it after a certain time (let’s say half an hour/hour after no activity).


It’s not what she meant. Not someone who already has a part and before finishing it takes another one. One who has no part, asks for a part - or writes her name on it, calling dibs on it - and then doesn’t do it in a timely manner.

They do that in the Spanish teams. If someone asks for a part and gets it, they have 1,5 hour to finish it.


I don’t know of which moderators you’re talking, I believe you since you’re saying it, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t true of all Spanish teams! In the on-air dramas I’ve worked, with well-known and well-respected moderators, the Spanish was at 100% real quick. How they were doing their subs or their quality of course I have no idea, but what I know is they did respect the time-frame.


There won’t be any place on earth that is just good or just bad. You’ll always find both. Just depends which side has more followers.


Hello people! This may be a little too late to bring up here as you all seem to have discussed the matter thoroughly. I just need a quick answer. I was told that Viki allows for only 5 moderations at the time (4, if you are a channel manager as well), regardless if you are moderating movies and/or dramas. Could you please confirm this for me? I did read it on Viki rules if I am not wrong… I am not sure I understood it right. Thank you all!


Both are slightly different, but all your answers are here

For moderators

For channel managers

Regarding moderators viki mentioned that qc trainees can handle one project as a moderator
But unfortunately they are not allowing it anymore.


Gold QC Contributors should not work on more than 5 on-air Channels at the same time as a Moderator, regardless of the show being considered on-air or library.

I’d like some clarification on terminology here, please.

What is an “on-air channel”? Aren’t all Channels on-air? Is it referring to on-air dramas? Does that mean movies are not included in the count (because not “on-air”)? Or do they count indeed, because they are considered “library”? What does “library” mean?

Does “should not” imply that you are forbidden to? It’s best if… but? Does “should not work on” mean you can be the “nominal” Moderator of 10 movies/dramas but, maybe they have not come out yet, and you can/should work on the remaining 5?

And are there any rules for editing or segmenting as far as a specific number you “should work on”? Yes, No?Why not?
I am just trying to get it right! Thanks


First of all, thank you for not making a new thread! I really appreciate it.
As to the rules… they are VERY unclear.
“Library” in their lingo means older dramas. “On-air” means, well … on-air. Being currently aired on TV right now.
There are cases where a show has already been aired, so it’s technically old, but it comes on Viki a bit later, and uploaded episode by episode, as if it were on-air. I think (but am not sure) that those are considered “on-air” as well.
And what of the cases when all the episodes come at once (a nightmare for the team!) Does it still count as “on-air”?
Yes, the movies are never on-air, they are all “library”, even the most recent ones - Viki never gets a movie which is now being shown in theatres. But since the 5 include library and on-air, the distinction doesn’t matter.


  • Movies are much shorter than dramas, they can be finished in a couple of days, even in one day if you put the work. Why would a 100-episode Chinese drama or a 50-episode weekend family k-drama count the same as a movie? Absurd. Same for some of those silly web dramas, with six 10-min. or 20-min. episodes. The rules should be fine-tuned here!
  • What about the projects which you were accepted in as a team member, but haven’t been licensed yet? What about if they get delayed for months? Do they count or not? Sometimes people do take a bit more because they know that they won’t be all at the same time, or there will be a short overlap (as one drama has its last 2-4 episodes, the other one starts). And then the drama comes earlier or much later. In one instance, I had been accepted as moderator of two different dramas (My Mister and 100-Day Husband) and they didn’t get licensed on Viki. I had forgotten about it and gotten on with my life when suddenly, one full year later, they both got licensed - at almost the same time! And I found myself with two on-air projects together, which I usually avoid. If perchance I had already my allowed 5 at that time, then I would have been over the maximum number and would have been forced to leave one or both of them - thankfully I never have so many anyway.

And yes, your questions:

  • “Should not”… what does it mean exactly? Does Viki even check in some way, or do you have to get accused for hoarding by your fellow members for them to take action? What happens if you break the rule? Are you contacted and asked which of them you would prefer to let go?
  • Editors and segmenters - There is no rule about them. Because they presumably don’t hoard?
    An editor works much more hardly than a moderator who isn’t editor - a moderator who isn’t an editor has really very little to do! So, logically speaking, for that person the rules should be even stricter. After all, moderators who are over the limit, now could resort to the trick of being made editors instead. In reality, this probably won’t happen as the editor position doesn’t carry as much power (in recruiting team members etc.) and glamour (your name up there as a team leader) as the moderator position. And hoarders do value power and glamour. Maybe that’s why Viki didn’t include any anti-hoarding rules for that role.


Irmar, you addressed it all and answered my questions. I agree with you on all topics you brought up. I still think that the rules are not clear and are subject to interpretation. Thank you.


Waaaaait, now I’m confused. Last time I checked there was an information, it was 4 on-air titles???

Act as a Moderator on no more than 4 on-air Channels & 5 library titles at the same time.

Also saw that somewhere else, but I don’t remeber where…


They are contradicting their own guide lines and rules regarding moderators.


After reading this I have a question, so a moderator can work on a maximum of 9 projects at the same time? I’m talking about this line: “Act as a Moderator on no more than 4 on-air Channels & 5 library titles at the same time.”


Was this updated a year ago? I was unaware…


Now I am confused again! It is 4,5,9 at the same time? It does make a differenece!


4+5=9 That’s how I read it.


Off topic: but, has anyone ‘‘seen’’ @dudie around here? I thought she was very busy with projects, and that was why she wasn’t ‘‘writing/around here’’ but I haven’t seen her added in the teams either. HOPE she’s fine, and just taking a break.