More and more cigarette scenes in Korean dramas


Is it just me or is there an increase in the use of cigarettes, lighters, lighting of cigarettes, and smoking in Korean dramas?

Previously, smoking was only occasionally mentioned and they don’t show lighting of cigarettes or smoking. At most, they just briefly display a cigarette or lighter. Now I am seeing more scenes with cigarettes and they circumvent the law by obscuring the burning cigarette with the angle of the camera. Doom at your service being just one example.

I thought Korea had a smoking policy in film and television that was the same as western countries? It feels regressive seeing this in 2021 when cigarettes and smoking are being progressively phased out English speaking countries.


I was thinking the exact same thing watching The Devil Judge. In one of the latest episodes (maybe 15?) they showed the lady just holding the cigar, and then in the next scene we saw the back of her chair and of her head, and some smoke coming up from it. So smoking is technically not shown, but implied, which is the same thing. And it was in a context of being cool, too!



Not just you. I’ve been seeing it more and more.
Even in Hospital Playlist they recently showed some of the main characters “smoking.”
I was taken aback by that scene :cry:


These :smoking: will take away from the uniqueness that makes K-Dramas addicting. Many fans become addicted to K-Dramas before they realize. The escape from reality factor, just got reduced.


I know, right? I remember when I was a kid that EVERYONE smoked. Moms, dads, grandparents, teens, the dog. Airplanes were stinky ashtrays, hospitals, everywhere was full of stinky cigarettes. Now it is rare to see anyone smoking. Just those vapers and they don’t stink like cigs.


I was thinking the exact same thing watching deserter pursuit.


I think it depends on the country you live in / area you live in. Unfortunately, almost all of my neighbours smoke. The smell sometimes goes into my house :sob:


That automatically makes you a second-hand smoker!


It’s more thirdhand smoke than secondhand :tired_face:.
Still, not fun :no_mouth:

Unfortunately, smoking is still a very prevalent thing here and I frequently run into people that smoke, especially in parks… It’s really annoying.


Check the link :wink::ok_hand:t5: either way, no good outcome …


To clarify: with “it’s”, I wasn’t referring to the smell sometimes going into my house, which is what you were probably referring to. I was referring to the thing I encounter more often, which is the effect of thirdhand smoke rather than secondhand smoke. My bad :slight_smile:.


I have seen it , as well as other things that I am not use to seeing in K-Drama, sadly…I remember it was as recent at 2018 that in Hyuna’s video ‘Hip and Lip’ that the cigarette was blurred out , something apparently changed in censorship laws, and writers opted to add something new. Like lighters replacing umbrellas …


I started watching “D.P.” that just came out on Ntflx with Jung Hae In, and there are cigarettes and actual smoking all over the place. I was kind of shocked. Until now, I have seen only a couple rare instances of the ‘hidden’ smoking, for example the filming from behind where the motions are intimated, and you see the smoke rise above the character’s head, implying that they are smoking.


You felt the same way I did. I also saw D.P. and was shocked


I have one of those oldie’s channel where they give movies from 1940’s 50’s 60’s etc… until late1980’s a few of the actor’s/actresses are REALLY smoking spewing the smoke away. WOW no wonder old timers smoke so much almost all my family members from generation back smoke cigarettes and it was the cause of their CANCER. How sad it is that they promoted this evil so much back in the days.

PS>>>. I was watching DIE HARD with my daughter, and the movie is from 1988 and Bruce Willis is smoking so much in the drama, and also an FBI agent. It’s so sad how many lives are lost bc of cigarette smoking promotion in movies, and sadly now; K-drama is promoting such a health hazard too? What a shame.


I noticed cigarettes in Just Between Lovers - But Junho NEVER smoked! Also in K2 - Wookie would take out a cigarette but never smoke. Seo In Guk same in DOOM! So are you seeing them actually light up in drama and take a drag off the cigarette?? A lot of actors actually do smoke which they try to keep very quiet.



No matter if they don’t take a ‘‘drag’’ in the drama/movie, they are promoting cigarette smoking bc you see a ‘‘cutey’’ holding a cigarette and so sexy looking in that cute mouth, you want to look sexy too. Some young kids will get the wrong message. They should stop it before it’s too late.


I don’t smoke - don’t like smoke - am allergic to smoke! Did I try once yes.
But I will admit that I find it extremely sexy - when a good looking man smokes
Yes - I get it - overseas smoking is not as taboo as in the states (I think less and less it is something young people do - I do not see it as much)


more than a taboo, it causes a lot of terrible consequences, and that’s why I hate it :slightly_frowning_face: They look nice but I always feel so worried about the person that I can’t enjoy the scene


I think you miss the point. But that is fine, I am not trying to upset anyone.