More and more cigarette scenes in Korean dramas


No I totally understand what you are asking - and totally not upset in any way!

Just wondering if they had progressed to actually showing the actor smoke in some dramas - and on another thread someone had said that yes - that was the case. I don’t smoke myself nor have I ever been a smoker - I know that when I was in Europe I could still find vending machines with cigarettes while in the US that had been phased out years ago. It is a good question. Not sure what the rules are for kdramas but in the US at one point the Hollywood film industry was going to rate all smoking films as R - that actually never happened they still show it in PG-13.


It’s not fashionable to smoke, it’s fashionable not to smoke…


Yes, if you read the whole thread, you will see some examples of actual smoking implied (not directly shown, at least not yet!). One example is the evil lady in Devil Judge. She lights up a cigar and we see her back, sitting on an armchair, with the smoke going up. So she’s obviously smoking.
Most other times the person is trying to light up a cigarette but something happens and they ultimately don’t. Either the lighter doesn’t work or someone interrupts them. But they are getting bolder and bolder. Last time, they sneakily showed the cigarette box in his hands, the brand clearly showing for a second, so that they could take advertisement money,


But there has been. I mentioned the Ntflx drama “D.P.” earlier in the thread, and maybe I didn’t say it clearly, but there is actual, from the front, directly-shown smoking happening on many occasions in that drama by several different characters. It is not just implied.


Even Leeminho smokes in gangnam blues movie, but I heard he quit .


I was watching [My Name] on ntfx and a female lawyer takes two full drags, and makes sure the audience can see the ‘‘brown’’ color cigarettes’

This 8 series episode could have been the best short series, if it wasn’t for the Asian writers obsession to kill more than half of important members in the story. As long as they continue doing that, I’ll keep giving a downvote rating. Stop killing important ppl in the story, and leaving others that didn’t do much; alive.

I was shocked to see FL/ML totally naked in a rated R scene. Felt I was watching ‘‘porno movie’’ I doubt it will ever air here at Rviki. Very violent too.

PS>>>> I went from episode 5 to episode 8 (last episode of season 1)


It’s a Netflix Original. So it won’t air on any of Korea’s TV networks nor will it get onto any other streaming sites. NF Originals can do and show whatever they want because they aren’t governed by SK’s broadcasting rules. The same goes for Squid Game.


The veil is very violent, lots of blood and it’s on Viki


Yeah, Viki doesn’t care about violence/sexual content. There are lots of 18+ rated dramas here. The difference is that the ones on Viki are all either web dramas or TV dramas or movies.

PS: @anne_21 Is stuff blurred in The Veil? It’s an MBC drama so it should be following broadcasting rules, I think…


There are mostly guns and a lot of blood.



I like [THE VEIL] but it can be very gruesome; so I skip those scenes a lot.

[MY NAME] I couldn’t take the fights and killing so I jumped from Episode 5 to 8, and I’m glad I did bc they didn’t deserve I wasted my time watching it!!!. They killed the young man that should have stayed alive, and they keep the old Detective that got stabbed like 10 times. and was in a coma. :rage::rage::rage::rage: I’m so angry I wish I never started watching the darn thing…:rage::rage::rage:


I just came across this scene in a Chinese drama. The actress is wearing a shirt with a Dutch text. Anything related to the Netherlands or Dutch languge is very rarely mentioned in Asian drama’s, so it made me quite happy.
The text however is serious:

Roken is dodelijk = ‘Smoking can kill’

So, I don’t know if it was the stylist’s intention, but it was still very friendly of them to warn 25 million people about the danger of smoking :smile:


It’s smoking & drinking, after all. :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:
Just kidding. I wish they’d stop destroying their liver too, not just their lungs. But what can you do?!


I remember how wild the TCs went with the Dutch fans laughing and telling everyone what it means… I really thought those were flowers on her shirt but later I realized it was a man :joy::sweat_smile:


Which drama is this?


Go ahead (episode 17)


Just noticed vaping in episode 2 of Growing Season. I am starting to wonder whether tobacco companies are funding Kdramas!


Ah-ha! Hmmm. . . that might very well be the reason.
돈! - Funding :money_mouth_face:!


I’m more democratic. Love, sex, smoking - let them do it. It’s their right. We all know that smoking is bad for your health. Of course, when one smokes in a restaurant or on the beach, it’s just awful. Many countries don’t have anti-smoking policies. I don’t understand and don’t accept the word “ban”.


More than

I don’t like the way it’s being endorsed in dramas. Entertainment influences people. How many k-drama fans want to try soju just because we see it so much? What about the study conducted on the co-relation between the rise in teen suicide and the series “13 Reasons Why”, which pressured NF enough to cut out the most graphic part? Why do people think it’s cool to drink? Do all these ideas come from only their minds?

Lots of people might smoke or drink. But why write it into scripts so much?