More shows I am not able to find here in Viki

hola escritor Frustrado, me gustaria que me recomendaras como hablar con alguien que termine de traducir una serie llamada Historia del palacio yanxi Capitulo 53. Ha! y esa NOVIA NEGRA seguro por youtube

1 hour hello writer Frustrated, I’d like you to recommend me how to talk with someone who has finished translating a series called History of the yanxi palace Chapter 53. Ha! and that BLACK BRIDE sure for youtube
the show I was talking about was called Black, and as for helping you, just ask these nice people here in discussion, and they will help you!

Hy Mary!
As far as I can tell Goblin had no license in the Americas, I don’t know about the other channel.
Black didn’t have a license at Viki.

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When Drama Fever was around ( I Miss them ) I first watch “Goblin” all episodes there I was also a member there. And Drama Fever was located in America and they had the license for Goblin. I don’t remember where I watch Bride Of The Water God and I do know Black was not on either site not DF or Viki I watch it on another site.

English is raw translated to the end, episode 70, of Story of Yanxi Palace here. What is not yet complete is the editing - I will be completing that one after I finish Story of Ming Lan.

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She stating episode 53 ‘‘story of Yanxi palace’’ is not translated and I assume the BLACK BRIDE I believe is on youtube. She wants to know who can help getting it translated but it must be in Spanish (what she wants). I’ll look into it and see if is the spanish subs missing, since you stated is all translated up to episode 70 in english, right?

Yeap after episode 52 there’s no Spanish translation in ‘‘Story of Yanxi Palace’’

@angelight313_168 @deadliftdiva_548

The one who asked about Spanish subtitles already got information where to turn to in order to know what is going on. She posted this question in several posts here at discussion, so it got a bit confusing.

You already got an answer in this post, so please follow the advice there.
In future please put your concern only in one discussion thread, sometimes it’s faster sometimes it’s slower, but normally you will get help.

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By February 9th, 2019, when Ming Lan is done airing at the breakneck pace of 12 a week,…we will have translated on my Teams most recently…342 episodes and a movie. That’s just from when both Ruyi and Ashes were arriving at 10 a week (ruyi) and 14 a week (ashes)

Five dramas and a movie.

What remains for me to edit and release of all this?

18 eps at Yanxi - raw translation is done
43 at Ruyi - raw translation is done
from 31 on at Ming Lan. (note that not all 73 are even here yet…)

104 eps left to complete all of it, about 25 eps of this not even here yet.

of the 342 episodes and a movie, so far I’ve got only 30 percent remaining to edit of this massive stack. Note also that both Qing Dynasty dramas require more editing than the usual costume drama and Ruyi is about a four hour edit per episode. Yanxi runs about 2, depending on the notes and other checking of names and facts.

Yanxi Spanish is caught up and waiting for me to return and finish the 18 episodes. The only reason I have not got it done yet is I have an arm injury and I am still rehabbing it, so I am slowed a bit.

You may now all take my name in vain for my lacking. I’ll just ignore anything further and go keep my word, I will finish them. I also believe the Spanish Team on all these dramas will indeed complete them in good order following me. :slight_smile:


I guess I watched Black & Goblin on that other site. see? I am not saying what it was. But I am getting Black on Netflix, I hope I can find Goblin somewhere, I think I have, but their subbing is much to be desired. thanks everyone.


I know you always catch up as promised. I only saw the Spanish subtitles missing from episode 53 on… the english subtitles on episode 53 are already done in the drama. I can help with Spanish subtitles. i will ask Spanish Moderator onix77? (to see if she needs help in that department).

I see…thanks.

It’s frustrating how there’s too many shows that’s not available on Viki. I had Dramafever and Viki but I mostly watched dramas on Dramafever. With the same amount of fees Dramafever was wayyyyyyyy worth it than Viki

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What use is it to cry over the loss of DF, when they had “more” to offer for the “same” prize, but went out of business? One should think that the financial situation must not have been okay, if a company doesn’t make enough profit, it goes out of business, It won’t exist as a public charity.

Then you know that you won’t have anything to do there if hired until I return and finish the edit on 53-70. Well, that’s up to the Spanish Moderator, hire you or not, she has a great team already.

I put that down CHRISTMAS DAY 2018, ONE MONTH AGO. GEEZ. Give somebody a break, okay?

@ deadliftdiva_548

Wow you have changed so much! I guess the stress on working on so many dramas is getting to you already. I hope you don’t treat the team the same way because is not fair to them. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY ANY NEED FOR THIS RESPONSE TO ME. I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU bc I never expected this from you but it doesn’t surprise me at all. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY that turns into I don’t know what to call you when working (volunteering may I say) under so much stress.

I saw the English subs in the drama and was not aware it needed editing at all. If you are overworked or stressed out I suggest you take a break bc there’s so much a person can do. BUT I HAVE TO ADD: A drama should be FINISHED before starting another one and I see you all over the place. Maybe you are taking more than you CAN HANDLE.

I have seen many dramas halfway done here, and it makes no sense to me. Chinese dramas are the LEAST of my favorites, but like an idiot was trying to help in the Spanish sector since those are ALWAYS LEFT UNDONE in many dramas here.

AS you may know, I have no need for Spanish subs but like to help whenever I can. AND BY THE WAY, is not OKAY with me, is a rude move on your part. THERE WAS NO NEED FOR YOUR RUDE ANSWER. Get some rest you seem to need it! Your FALSE ideology of ‘‘your perfection’’ is getting to youR HEAD.

P. HIRED as you say, is for ppl that gets paid a salary for doing a job, and as far as I know no one gets paid here, unless you are and that will explain your airs of grandeur.

@ theann03

The consequences of DRAMAFEVER having so many dramas available ultimately ended on the shutdown of the so loved by many site. I guess RAKUTEN VIKI is making sure that doesn’t happen here, too. I figure they are wiser in that sense. Where would you go if RAKUTENVIKI is no longer here? We must work with what we have and appreciate what we can get here so far.

There’s room for improvement if instead of criticizing the site, we must encourage them so they have the pleasure of adding what the viewers want. But you see, the site does needs more volunteers here, if there’s any way you can give a helping hand in the volunteer department, that would be so nice of you.

I really hope that wasn’t for me! Now we only have Viki, lets be satisfied with what we got. Sure there are other places to go, which I won’t mention, these folks frown on that, got myself in trouble when I did. anyway, those other sites, yeah they got some nice dramas, but half the time notsubbed. quality not the same either. as for you tube, I did watch terus benind me, which was good and they do have some fine dramas, BUT the subs in question. ok we have the big guy Netflix, yeah some awesome dramas and some of the older ones too, thew subs are very good too., as for Roku, I found a lot of askan links, a whole bunch and awesome with the subs, so you don’t have Roku ot even Netflix, enjoy what you got. they may take time with the subs, so go to another drama till its done. Viki is good, sure it needs tweeking, but I’fd rather stick here than anywhere else. off my soap box for now.

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DramaFever wasn’t having any financial trouble. AT&T shutdown all smaller streaming sites under Time Warner with the acquisition.

Viki is great and the subs are mostly top quality however because it is subbed by volunteers you have dramas that aren’t subbed. Which really does suck. I’ve read the threads where people were complaining about Viki changing. The reality of it is, they have to. They will have to start getting professional subs because people aren’t going to continue to pay for subscriptions and all the dramas aren’t subtitled or only half-way.

As for the original post, Bride of the Water God was also a DF exclusive and is only on illegal streaming sites. If you are in North America you can find a few DramaFever shows on Kocowa. Good luck!


Yes I have found a lot of the DF here as well, also the other links which isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t mean to advertise, but Netflix has a lot of our old movies(so does Viki) so you can pick & choose. I was and able to watch BLACK on netflik, I don’t know about youtube at this time. but seriously really wish people would quit downing v iki! its doing a good job, even though it does need some tweeks,

I anm in another website to be able to get on Viki, I havent complained about it. I just found another website. again I say those other links that are out there, not good quality like viki, yeah I mentioned Netflix, and its good too, but Viki is it. I know this is a repeat. but it needs saying… per my other message! and I think I mentioned about the subs, well theres a lot of those dramas, and not as many volunteers, oe patient and all will be done in due time!

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