Most of my dear friends on Viki are women

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Guys there is no stereotype stating that only women watch Serials, dramas. And I too by the way accept that there are many women found, but it doesn’t mean that aren’t many men watching too. There maybe more of them, who knows ?!!

My younger brother too watches these Dramas, Sit-Coms, Rom-Coms etc. He says I love to watch them. No worries, everyone has a personal taste. We must respect them


It’s geoblocked for USA (subscr only) and free for EU.

The article gives a summary about the recent and past situation, including the 1970’s, mentioning that 15 000 sovjet soldiers died ( which is way more than the dead 2400 US soldiers) and some explanation by the journalists why the Afghan soldiers did not fight back.

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This is an informative video, if you want to know more about Afghanistan. Look at the time it is a bit longer.
It might be geo-blocked as well for some as well, so I put the link you need to try it’s duration is about 80 minutes from DW - Deutsche Welle.

I did not contradict you. I think President Biden did the right thing. He is a man of peace and reason.

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As we can see more and more about Afghanistan, we can see that there is not “the” Taliban.
Some say in an interview with a female announcer, that everything is okay, while she is clearly not covering her face.
Others, from Taliban, say everything is okay, woman/girls can work/educate themselves as long as they do cover their faces.
And then you hear from a female announcer, who was “advised” to stay home and not go to work.
This land was in chaos, and it will be, and you will see the other states taking their chances, to put money in the country, you only need to look who the first countries were to accept this “new state Afghanistan” and you will know, who wants to rule the world. This will get really ugly, and I fear for the people who wanted a “liberal” Afghanistan.
I am fully aware that this topic may not be what V is wishing for, but I still hope, everyone doesn’t generalize, because there is not much to generalize.
Everyone who was part of the process is at fault there is no one who can just brush off their responsibility, but we don’t know how this will not only change Afghanistan but the world. Keep your eyes open, learn the contexts while the future will become the present.
This is so worrying that I have my troubles finding the right English words, when it is even hard to express it in my mother language.

Everyone, stay safe and always be reminded that a democracy is not for granted.


Sorry that I misunderstood you. Please forgive me. But as a mother, and knowing what can happen, but hoping it won’t, that doesn’t make it any better. I’m just praying for the best.

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This is only my subjective perception, compared to the last days it seemed today the number of incoming planes from Afghanistan to Ramstein seemed to have decrease, but I could be wrong, maybe I am just getting used to the many planes every day.
I think there will still be some ugly scenes coming up, I can’t imagine all the people, they want to take out of the country can leave.


Gibt zu große Probleme, alle zu erreichen bzw. überhaupt zum Flughafen zu bringen. Dt. sind schon zu Fuß mit Spezialeinheit unterwegs, um die aus der Stadt abzuholen und zum Flughafen zu bringen.

Neulich flogen die Amis mit ~44 Maschinen/Tag (wobei sie vielleicht 44 Flüge meinten und nicht 44 Maschinen) und evakuierten ~12 000 Passagiere innerhalb von 24h (EU 8000/24h), was echt viel ist (auch wenn gesagt wird, sie werden es nicht schaffen bis nächste Woche alle auszufliegen, die ausgeflogen werden sollten.

Außerdem hat Ramstein keinen Platz mehr zum Sammeln, weshalb sie die Neuankömmlinge jetzt woanders unterbringen, vielleicht landen sie deshalb auch woanders.

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Viele sind schon in Amerika oder in anderen Staaten, die sich bereit erklärt haben, aufzunehmen. Glaub nicht, dass die Airbase klein ist, das ist wie eine Kleinstadt, aber die meisten Afghanen bleiben max. 1-2 Tage dann geht die Reise weiter.

Von bekanntgegebenen 7500 Afghanen sind 2500 bereits in die USA geflogen worden, um die 4000 sollen auf anderen amerikanischen Stützpunkten vorübergehend untergebracht werden. Die umliegenden Gemeinden haben sich organisiert und helfen bei der Versorgung mit Nahrung und Kleidung.

Jupp, die fliegen alle bei mir drüber, der letzte jetzt vor 20-30 Minuten. Also wie ich die Amerikaner kenn, werden die alle über Ramstein eingesammelt und dann neu verteilt.

Dann ist’s bei dir ja jetzt schön laut die ganze Zeit.

1-2 Tage ist ja sehr kurz, dachte, die bleiben länger da (wirkte im Bericht, als bleiben die mindestens 1-2 Wochen da, vor dem Weiterflug).

Glaube ich höchstens dran, wenn sie medizinisch versorgt werden, wer bereits Familie in den USA hat, die sie aufnehmen, dann geht das ganz schnell. Sicher werden einige auch länger bleiben, aber ich glaube weniger in Ramstein selbst, wohl mehr Grafenwöhr, da ist ja einiges abgezogen worden, da dürfte Wohnraum zu finden sein, ist ja im Moment gefühlt nicht gerade Sommer. In Kaiserslautern selbst haben die Amerikaner auch noch militärisch genutztes, sprich bewachtes Areal, da dürfte auch noch Platz sein. Unsere Stadt und einige andere auch, haben auch grünes Licht gegeben zur Flüchtlingsaufnahme.

Die fliegen nicht so oft, aber öfter im Dreierverbund. So mal hören, ob jetzt noch einer kommt, aber an dem Tag wo es so viele Flieger waren, hörte ich morgens um halb sechs die ersten und am nächsten Morgen um zwei die letzten Maschinen. Dafür fahren wegen des Bahnstreiks weniger Züge am Haus vorbei. LOL Immer schön positiv denken. :wink:
Gute Nacht!

I was reading it just now… the link that sonmachinima poted.

Just now a plane is landing at Ramstein, what a terrible day, most of us feared something like this would happen, and while I am writing another plane is coming along.
I wish the people who lost loved ones strength to go on, for the wounded that they will receive help and can recover.

I wanted to write something else as well, but I would get close to the taboo topics, so I hope … All we are left with is hope …

Some 5+ hours later it’s 1.30am this was plane number??? I wish I had counted them, but even so, I want to sleep.


Throughout the ages women have been forced to suffer at the hands of men. Isn’t it time that ended?


Yes, it’s time. It should have ended “yesterday”. But it didn’t.
And it won’t end tomorrow, especially with the debacle that’s unfolding in Afghanistan as I type. A whole new wave of girls and women are being subjugated against their right, not to mention, against their will. It breaks my heart to see/read about young girls and women of 14 to 40 being rounded up as bridal rewards for the “T’s”. OMG :anguished: :sob: :cry:

May every power of the universe be made available to help them all!:muscle::pray:


Oh no! Hope you can get some good rest. Are you even safe where you are? You sound like you are very near to where the “chaos” is happening. :pray:

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LOL I am safe in Germany, in the approach lane for the American base Ramstein. While I am typing, there were another 2 planes. The airport in Afghanistan, I don’t know if the Americans are or will be done with flying every one of their military out, or if or how many are left. I only know yesterday while the terror happened the last German plane was about to be loaded and send off. Two soldiers missed that plane because they were in the American area, but they got out with a medical flight. So Germany’s military evacuation is over, they are now “bargaining” with the new in power, over how they possibly can use the airport as a civil one starting September. I don’t see that yet, but as always, let’s hope.


Ohhh good! I thought you are located somewhere there in Germany, but also thought you could have gone somewhere else very very near to Afghanistan.

It’s a really sad and tragic day with the bombings and bloodshed. There are still too many Americans there waiting to be brought back to safety, not to mention tons of Afghans, girls and women included, hoping to be rescued. Bargaining with the “T’s”? Tough luck there all around. But yeah, hope. And :pray:

USA flies until 31th.

Germany + other EU stopped yesterday.

France stops evacuating flights today.

100-200 Germans are still in Afghanistan, government says they stay in touch to get them out “somehow later”.

USA flights evacuate around 10 000-13 000/ day.