Most of my dear friends on Viki are women


Unfortunately, this word is the only fitting one for the situation now.
I would love to debate about it, but we all know what it would lead too, if one of us were to open the Pandora’s Box.
This morning, the amount of flights was high.

As it is, every now and then I forgot to hit the reply button.
But there are a lot more flights in the past 20 hrs or so.

As far as I heard, troops from the UK and Spain, said they would leave together with the US military.




Can we use this thread for women rights topics?

One does not have to look that far to see how women’s rights are still suppressed and cut down again:


Among those criminals are convicted rapists and at least one man who, according to the unanimous opinion of Germany, the United States and Great Britain, occupies ” an even higher position ” in the crime ladder, according to the minister.


You don’t even have to ask. I wish there was no reason to make them in the first place… :disappointed:


Why are some things going backwards? Roe vs Wade was then such a successful law.
I’m not fond of abortion but there are situations where it is a better choice, there are medical reasons and rape reasons, every woman must make her own decision and it’s her body.

There can be complications after an abortion, you may never have a child again… so this isn’t a task like if you go to buy a pair of shoes, what is more important that you are allowed to make that choice and not most likely “being controlled by men’s decisions” the lawmakers… or even special interests parties…

Not long ago I posted about 50 years celebration of Woman’s Right to Vote in Switzerland, for many years the men continuously kept blocking the YES votes for women… There is still an inequality to this day in many places…


Many of us saw these (and many more restrictions) coming… :worried::sob::rage::fearful:

Indeed so, and that’s sad, to say the least.


It’s so sad to only be able to watch …
While several countries come together to gather money for Afghanistan, since there is a famine on the horizon.

a few days before, it still looked a little different

with the banks still closed and for many no way to make a living


Seeing a terrorist, a criminal on TV holding a “press conference” on gender segregation and the limitation of basic Human Rights was truly mistifying. My mum couldn’t believe that this is the world in which we’re living…


Apart from this, which is hard to swallow, and they still know they are in need of money from other countries …
As hard as it is Afghanistan was never a country of unity of what we might think of, such there are borders and everything inside this border is the same. For some women this is a restriction, for others a liberation, but we will see what it will be in another 20 years, if the region will be fully instable and how the North of Africa will develop as well …
But to see the young girls and women, who were filled with hope and ambition not only for themselves but their country, it surely hurts to watch their spirits broken.
It is strange to see demonstrations from women to get their former rights back and on the other side women fully covered thankful for the new regulations, but, even those women have complaints as they want their rights like the Islam is taught. The right to educate themselves, work and inherit from their families.

For us to understand it is hard - since for us, it’s foreign, the Islam we have contact with is really moderate, the country most of us never went there, and so on …

A vlogger, I don’t know if anyone here knows of her, went to Afghanistan this year and well, what we see now is a completely different country.

If you want to know about the people portrait in the videos, look at yt under the videos, there are updates from Eva.


Sigh! I have no more words.


The only way to fight off poverty and inequality is by empowering girls and women across the world. It starts by offering them an education:


Domestic violence – which can happen to anyone both physically and emotionally – should never be tolerated.


I have seen a video, but I can’t find it again, don’t know if it was taken down.
Anyway, it is sad news for girls and families in Afghanistan. As the winter is approaching and families left their living places because of the drought and all the circumstances’ life is challenging you in Afghanistan now. Parents are selling off their young girls, most of them barely 10 years old. Girls who dreamed of going to school getting education, now have to marry at that age, often to old men. Those poor girls are sacrificed to rescue the rest of the family’s survival. This is so disheartening.
I sometimes want to stop watching news from Afghanistan, but I just can’t close my eyes and ignore what is happening.


Does anyone know how many pregnant women and their unborn children have died because they hadn’t been vaccinated? And since neither God nor my parents ever wanted me to witness the destruction of the human race, I’ve gone into full pro-vaccination mode over on social media. Have I made a lot of enemies? You know me. I don’t like to kiss someone’s posterior just to be well-liked. I like to encourage people and ensure they don’t go extinct. They won’t, not on my watch. :upside_down_face:


You should see the news in here, almost everyday the mother’s are dying from covid bc they refused to get the vaccine, and the baby stays without a mother and worse yet, a father alone to raise 3 and 4 young children by himself. Now they have a campaign of ADS showing the mothers on ventilators, and the babies in ICU (still not working bc the pregnant women are refusing to get the vaccine). I don’t know what will work bc so far nothing has been working, but I’m praying something does.


A friend of mine who’s a nurse told me that expectant women can be vaccinated beginning with the 3rd semester of their pregnancy.

Why would they refuse? They should do it for their baby.

In fact, everyone should get vaccinated.


Love your headphones! My granddaughter would love that design. Does that means you got the vaccine? Thank you so much for caring about those around you; all over the world. We need to do this so this nightmare can end soon. No matter how many variants may come: WE stand strong!


Yes, I went to the hospital for my 1st dose of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Next month, I’m scheduled for my 2nd.

As you mentioned, we have to stay strong!:muscle:

PS: He he… I knew someone would like my headphones. :smile_cat: