Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern



ALONG WITH THE GODS! It is a really good movie!

Kind of like the Buddhist version of Dante’s Inferno (or vice versa.)

Star Wars / Star Trek - both tripping around the galaxy.

Buddhist Scripture / Dante’s Inferno - both about judgement in the afterlife.

(@sweetybirdtoo - Same difference ahahahahahaha)



I missed a joke - what was the joke!!!

Long Ballad tonight 7:15 or 7:30 pm I am walking at 6 so I might be a couple min after 7. @porkypine90_261


It was in a different thread a few weeks ago, the whole star wars, star trek same difference fighting words thing.


Yea. You know how Americans consider Canadians to be the same, just north of the border?
Same difference. ahahahaha

Same difference is because Canada is a majority English-speaking country that was an English colony with no heavy-duty border guards to speak of between the US and Canada to block travelers for the last couple hundred years. (We all know Quebec is a separate country :sunglasses: and the Quebecois say ‘Le sal Américaine’ :rofl:) (Until 9-11 blew that all up. Now you have to be ID’d to the max and searched to get through the borders.)

Mexico had the same lax borders until the drug wars got out of control. But Mexico is a Spanish speaking country so it is not the same difference. UNLESS you are in California and the Southwest where many people consider the land stolen from Mexico, but then I have to remind everyone that No. It is INDIGENOUS/Native/First Nations land.

AND the fight goes on! :sunglasses: :rofl:


Sunday’s Movie is:





Kewl! You made a section for us! Thanks!


I noticed this morning that an admin had come in and edited this (my) thread to change it’s category. It’s cool that there is a separate watch party category, and now we know for future watch parties.



I have to move us to 9 pm - something came up - that ok???


Fine by me.


I’m good with that.


Ok 7 PM Mountain Time!


It will be easier to find the notices.


I’m coming give me a min

Hotties Gonna Win


I love the new addition! The invisible Viki lords ARE working behind the scenes! :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nothing like the watch parties and being able to chat about hotties, but… sometimes the comments are just hilarious!


Some of our comments should never be seen by the public!!! :laughing:


totally, we may be blocked haha


Totally @kdrama2020ali 's way of commenting hahahaha