Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


Long Ballad Tonight 7 pm Eastern -

BADDIE better not cry :sob:


EEek! It’s already 3:30 pm now! 1 1/2 hours to cook something! I’ll be there.


Hau Do Watches Over You!


Hahha, then your mom too…

Don’t miss the movie this Sunday!
9:30 pm

If you have time, come and join us,
Ravivaar shaam ko saade nau bhaje


Oopsie Padma!
Thank you for the invitation but I am busy in settling down at my new home. I’ll take some more days (maybe) before I join WPs again.


OMG turning on comments AND the chitchat during a Watch Party!?! PLUS subtitles?!? hahahaha I think I am crazy for thinking about trying to read all that at the same time! :crazy_face: :laughing:


nooo hahaha, I can’t!!
I’m just turning on the comments sometimes but alone, not at watch parties!!! hahaha


Is it even an option to turn on TCs during a watch party? I’ve never noticed. That would be a little overkill. As it is, when I watch with TCs, I often end up pausing the playback just so I can read the comments. LOL


I don’t think so and I do the same, some of those comments are just hilarious!


Hotties In Real Time


this reminds me of that one awesome DOTS WP we had joined, where I was trying to watch the drama, read the subtitles, chitchat on the TCs, AND listen to the Discord voice chat going on over the drama’s audio :joy::joy: I remember having the TIME of my life!


I need to keep our Long Ballad at 7 pm on Sunday!!! We will try to finish if we can or we might have a couple eps left for Monday!!!

7 pm Long Ballad Sunday, 11-7!!! Can’t Wait!



They are changing the TIME again Sunday Nov 7th! Daylight savings time is over.
I forget which direction we go… so irritating. I think we get to sleep in for one hour Sunday?


fall back yes -

fall back (turn clocks back and gain an hour) on the first Sunday in November (at 2:00 A.M.).

I have a meeting with a friend at 5 pm on Sunday so we need to stay at 7 pm for Sundays Long Ballad!


As the saying goes: Fall back and spring forward. That much I can remember, but I never remember when it happens, exactly. My state voted to do away with daylight savings time a couple years ago, but we have to get federal approval to do so, and that hasn’t happened yet, so we still must follow this annoying ritual.


Yea. I’ve heard that but It doesn’t make sense to me you could fall forward and spring back too.


The REAL reason I am posting is We HAVE to do a movie night for this one! I LOVE Hong Kong movies! So silly!

I am segging, ‘Kidnap Ding Ding Don’ right now HILARIOUS! And as the two ajummas, oogling out the window at a very buff guy hosing off in the yard, say.

  • "What a piece of meat!
  • They’re muscles
    - Muscles?
  • That is not human.
    - Not at all.’
  • Then what is he?
    - A man?
  • Ridiculous. You’re married but I’m not. Leave!" :rofl: (Kicks her friend out of the window so she does not have to share the view.)


That’s hilarious! And so us. :rofl:

As for ‘fall back’, you’re right, you could technically fall forward, but ‘Fall Back’ is an actual phrase used to mean ‘retreat’ or ‘withdraw’. Just saying that fallback is a common, well-known word/phrase, not just two random words put together, so it would be easier to remember.


This reminds me of Denzel Washington’s speech to the graduating class of Penn State Uni a few years ago. He encouraged the students to “Fall forward”.
I chose to deliver his speech for an assignment two years ago, so I don’t remember it very well, but I loved the idea of “falling forward”


That’s a useful life skill, if you put it that way. I’m currently sitting here watching college football, and that is a sport in which it is also important to try to fall forward. Now I’m going to confuse myself. Hahaha


It is only well known to those who know th slogan. :laughing: Those of us who don’t, just scratch our heads and say, “WHA…?”