Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern




Awwww, what a couple!


My internet is down, I want to cry :sob:


Sorry, that sucks!



Watching Kitten in “Dating In the Kitchen” Oh my gosh she is so CUTE!
Um a grown-up Hottie!!!


I loved that show, they have an age gap but I think is really good!



Did you realize there was a good age gap with Hao Du and Princess.
I love age GAPS - LOVE IT


She is really a bright light in drama land! I love her.


10 - 45min Eps
We could do some earlier times on a two or three day spread to complete this one
Sounds really cute and it has an umbrella!!! (thanks @porkypine90_261)
I don’t know what are your thoughts???



I’m in! Sounds good to me (no week days please)


Well, natyh does not want to do workdays so how about early Saturday? It’s 7.5 hours altogether. each episode is about 45 minutes. We have Red Sky starting at 7 pm so we should give people a break to get dinner. So how about 1 pm Saturday and Sunday for From 9-5? That gives us 4 hours each day before the evening show. We could do less, but then it would go to the next weekend and I think that is too close to Turkey week when everyone is traveling. Waddya think?

Fri & Sat - Lover’s of The Red Sky - 7 PM ET - 2 episodes each night.
Sat & Sun - From 9 to 5 - 1 PM ET - 3 or 4 episodes


That’s too much for me, I’ll opt out of 5 to 9 and watch Red Sky, I watched 5 to 9 a while back, and I haven’t finished Red Sky so I’ll watch that one


I don’t want to do that many hours! I’m in for Red Sky though! I realize marathon sitting isn’t a good idea😬


lol. Well then we don’t do from 9 to 5 on weekend mornings. :laughing: Unless… we want to do workday evenings - but then Natyh can’t join us.

Hey! Let’s start From 9-5 now. Oh but you don’t want a watch party this week. lol Ok I’ll log off, go put my feet up and finish Abyss.


Well maybe after we get done with Red Sky - We could do 9 to 5??? Or do a few eps at a time in the morning and drag it out a bit!!??? Longer break between the 2 watch parties???

Sunday is hard for me because I usually can’t watch party until about 12:30 pm or so


I can join during the evenings but not early time.
I’m in if it’s something like Long Ballad 7pm EST or even 6pm
But lately is crazy at work so I can’t join before that time


Ok, Natyh! You run the watch party. Pick a weekday evening and a time and we’ll be there!


Subathon is starting I’ll be busy with it from 16 th


:laughing: Have fun with that. Viki doesn’t have a seg-a-thon so I can just hang out. :laughing:


Segments count too!