Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


So how does one join the sub a thon?


The work you do from 16 th November 00:00 pst counts toward the badges.


This is what a received

And I signed up in here, it says that it’s not necessary but I did it anyway
Sign up


ok, do you want to start this or next week? I’m available today, so if you want, we can start tonight!


Let’s start next week! We need a breather from Long Ballad - But let’s not try to marathon it and just do a few eps at a time.

We are talking about 9 to 5 Right???


Yup, we want to start that one.
And, what about one day a week for that one? That means, two days for Redsky and one day a week for From Five to Nine.


You tell us what evening you want to watch it and what time - I’m usually good around 7 pm Eastern


Monday? lol I’m available, we can start on monday and then decide.


We are doing a watch party a 7 pm with The Dude In Me if you want to watch a movie
Your Body or My Body


@kdrama2020ali @porkypine90_261 @my_happy_place, she really hung up. lol


I did

Had to find photos


It’s weird how sometimes she can leave and the party will stay open, but sometimes it shuts down when she goes.


I have to press the button - I can leave and let you guys talk too


she had control so when she leaves we all leave


I can leave it open for 24 hours - if you guys wanna chat


not necessary


Yeah, as she said, she can leave it open, but I think her FOMO takes over sometimes, and she can’t handle the idea of us still chatting while she is not around. Right, @kdrama2020ali?






Ok… So 2 episodes a night for Red Sky on Friday and Saturday evenings at 7 PM ET? right?
and then 3 Episodes on Monday for From 9 to 5 right?
I’m in!