Music from Finland


It’s not finished but is Swedish and really God I agree


A very calming song. :blossom:


Tarja :heart: what for a beautiful singer :heart:



The Zither and Other Stringinstruments

Apologies, I did get it spelled wrong in my haste. I am aware that it is an awesome creation story and the work this artist does is very uplifting and …I totally enjoy it. Many of the videos are also stunning!

Anyway - thanks for the correction and apologies. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp


Surprise I found something hope you will enjoy it


That’s so cool! Kiitos! (Thanks!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Somehow this almost sounds like French! Don’t you think? :thinking:



Brand-new video,
great if things are frustrating just let it out, bang your head!


News from Finland another video upload from Smackbound, LOL seems like they are the only musicians working at Finland.


OMG, would all the other Finnish musicians all have started an early retirement? :open_mouth: :joy:


Finland meets Japan! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, it does deserve its own topic. As it happens, I’m a huge fan of Finnish music, in particular Poets of the Fall.


Freshly pressed … Oh, I missed some old time melodic rock, that doesn’t feel old at all


Isn’t this the Norwegian band though, with the same name? :thinking: :wink:


LOL internet fooled me again, haha, yeah of course we were talking about them before. I only saw the pictures of them and the text underneath stating “Finnish”, bear with me, I was just too happy, well I am still happy about the song. Maybe I should just succumb and look for a Norwegian music threat?


Let’s create a Norwegian music thread! I’ll join you! :slight_smile:


@mattlock, is there any Finnish music you would like to recommend? :slight_smile:


Hmm, there’s a lot of stuff.
My mom’s jam

My dad is a traitor to the nation, because he likes Roy Orbison and Elvis…

My friends like suomi pop etc. stuff made for peasants like; (some of which are almost good) :smile:

I like

But I do also practice some treason, guess I a product of my parents… So I listen to Five finger death punch, Within temptation Amaranthe etc. which are not Finnish. Though a big chunk is Finnish.