Music from Finland


Yrjö is actually English George. A millenniaago when the finns first came into contact with the viking tribes, both had difficulty pronouncing certain sounds in the others language. Some modern day decendents still have these same issues to a much lesser extent. B is sometimes called pehmeä p, meaning ‘soft p’, because the sound probably didn’t exist in finnish. Swedes/norse on the otherhand couldn’t pronounce certain letter combos such as ht in lahti, it became ‘laxi’ in norse, so many swedish placenames still say “lax” on many signs, which is also the swedish word for salmon. ETC. I could go on, the etymology is very interesting


Här är äkta svenskspråki musik från Finland som du kan sjung me :wink:


Our teachers used to tell us it meant “vomit”. :rofl:


That too :smiley:


So who would ever give such a name to their child? :joy:


Typically, the swedish kings and nobility used the name widely, so I guess if the parents wanted their child to become ‘noble’. The vomit version is newer, I think, and may have it’s root in some now old tv comedy and might be related to örveltää, which also means to vomit. Though not sure on those things.


Actually, yrjö seems to stem from 20th century Hesaslangi and örveltää means being drunk, though being drunk in Finland often means vomiting XD.


That lady has a strong voice and really Finland are all the Finnish musicians using the “quarantine” in silence?
I said it before it seems Smackbound is the only band working in the past months …


Not really. :slight_smile:


Smackbound is a beautiful Singer, what a Powerful Voice :heart:

The 69 Eyes so cool
Very interesting…We know them from the past?!
Great :slight_smile:


We do. :slight_smile:


Aaaarrrrgghhhhh I love the Finns. :slight_smile::laughing::heart_eyes:


Minäkin! (That’s Finnish for “ich auch”:wink: )


They carry such a wonderful, honest nostalgia in their heart, If you can say so :hugs::relieved:


Okay, got a recommendation on YT that there is another Finish band to listen to. Guitar solo all the way


Guess what just showed up on my YT? :slight_smile:





:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Music connects, this is how it should be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It feels like ages I posted here, new stuff from Finland and a bit unusual for today a live video.