Music from Finland


Where I rummage for a long time again, I fully notice who we have forgotten :scream:
Anyway, I have not found them just now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:




Got something - has been a long time


I’ve been to Finnish festivals a few times, but one of them stopped. :frowning: Currently it’s an issue anyway…

And I’m sad they stopped <.< Discovered them back in 2006 on Ankkarock…

This changed for the better, but might be due to the collaboration. :blush: Visiting their concerts since 2005…? Oh my, it’s been a long time. My friend asked me if I can join her for the 2022 tour, but I’ll be probably not in Germany then…

and of course… Sonata :hugs:


Fresh from Finland!


I think you know this 90’s hit from Finland :smile:


I do, kiitos. :slight_smile:


Think I have ‘taken to the floor’ in my youth to this hit :smiley: (though still young, feel old though, old song, lol). :smiley: