Music from Norway

First things first, I am neither from Norway, nor do I speak the language or have any connection to the country. The only thing I did, I spend 2 summer vacations there and went to places like Oslo, Lillehammer, Bergen. Have seen the Nigardsbreen, Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord. Took the Flamsbana to Myrdal discovered a lemming, saw many waterfalls, met nice people, …
Hope that one day I will be able to go there for another visit.

Here is some music I heard over the years either from a Norwegian artist or band. If you listen to something from Norway or did in the past, share it …
Thank you!


This woman was my first Norwegian singer I encountered as a kid, without even knowing at first where she came from, I liked her accent and the funny songs she sang.

The next artists I came in contact with was A-ha in my teenager days. I was into art back then so this song in combination with that voice and the video, … Sorry, I am just a girl …

One band that didn’t make it that big, but was played on MTV back in the days Fra Lippo Lippi

Another musician who is far older than all of them together, I guess everyone has listened to this music before Edvard Grieg and his famous piece Peer Gynt.

On my journey in Norway I found out about this singer Sissel here in a duet with Espen Lind.

And last but not least the band I kind of always want to say they come from Finland, but are actually from Norway, the reason why I often get confused as there was a band of the same name before spelled slightly different.
Ah, yes Norway likes to take part on the Eurovision Songcontest, and they won a few times.

So this is it for me, how about you?

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Great topic! :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@hersel98_948 Har du noe andre å anbefale? :slight_smile:

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I’ve lived in Norway for over ten years now. I wish I could contribute to this thread, but I listen to k-pop almost entirely :grimacing:


So K-pop is very popular in Norway? :thinking:
Was there ever a Norwegian artist that recorded a song with a Korean artist?

I think I read somewhere about at least one Scandinavian composing for Korean singer but I don’t remember which country it was.

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I don’t think k-pop is very popular in Norway, but BTS and Blackpink are on the radio at least. Small, incremental steps of progress.

But Norwegians are often producers for others. Sort of behind the scenes.

Edit: on the Norwegian Wikipedia page I found the following:

I Norge er det særlig tre aktører som er sentrale i produksjonen av K-pop: Dsign music, DeepFrost, og Ingrid Margrethe Skretting/Jan Lysdal. Av disse har Dsign Music produsert klart flest låter, har høyest salg, og de har også har vunnet flere priser.[3] Sistnevnte har skrevet låter for artister som Girls’ Generation, EXO, og Super Junior.

I 2002 produserte låtskriverne Håvid Engmark, Alf Gunnar Nilsen, og Bjørnar Løberg det som kan klassifiseres som den første norskproduserte K-pop-låta – uten å selv være klar over det på det tidspunktet. De hadde skrevet “Perfect Tragedy” for Don Ramage og den norske finalen i Melodi Grand Prix, men etter å ha kommet nest sist ble låta plukket opp i Sør-Korea og nyinnspilt av gruppa TVXQ. Den nye versjonen ble sluppet i 2005 med tittelen “Hi Ya Ya on a Summer’s Day.”[1]

They mention three producers/song writers, but particularly Dsign music who composed for GG, EXO and SuperJunior

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Just recently a Swedish duo published a song with Jackson

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@gaby_heitmann_975 Hast du auch norwegische Favoriten? :norway: :slight_smile: :notes:

Oh ja :grin: naja zumindest einen, die mir jetzt so einfallen :grinning:

Norway, I’m out
I just looked through it again…
Nix, Nothing that looks familiar to me


Wow this topic seems so fun🙃

Us teenagers in Norway like to listen to some of these songs especially in the summer
The song is about girls

This song is made for paradise hotel a reality program

This song is quite old and one of the biggest hits in Norwegian music

This song is a party song and everyone seems to know the lyrics

This song is about a typical Norwegian and the Eurovision Song Contest winner from Norway is in it

I can send more songs later☺️


Great songs! Tusentakk! :slight_smile:

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According to a book I read, the roots of Kpop are in Scandinavian Rock more than American, British, or Japanese pop. Thus the popularity of Lasse Lindh (Swedish) and Michael Learns to Rock (Danish)


Which book is that? :slight_smile:

@mirjam_465 “The Birth of Korean Cool” by Euny Hong. 2014

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Jeg liker Sirenia, de er et bra band :slight_smile:


This was one of the bands of the guy who nowadays is known as author Samuel Bjørk.

afbeelding afbeelding afbeelding

Oh, yeah, TNT, the 80’s a decade where a girl could be jealous of a guy’s hairstyle.


This one might be a pretty known song, I remember hearing it all the time on the radio.

and I stumble over this one, something for you - was für dich? @gaby_heitmann_975