Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


Anyone with French songs… this song is for the dreamers, I like this video it’s so befitting. Nuit magique - magical night by Catherine Lara, she also plays a white violin; I saw her live up close at the Paleo music festival in Nyon. It was already night so this song was very “magical” and folks sang with her :heart_eyes: you’ll find lyrics on YT


No language other than music a group called French Touch from my region


Beautiful, relaxing, and invigorating all at the same time. :blush:


Huh!? He got both! His fantasy. Visuals were captivating!


That’s the thing with music, it’s absolutely ageless :heavy_heart_exclamation: 2nd one, noop! :joy: in that first video, Look at all those people :smiley:! I had to go directly to youtube to get the third :heavy_heart_exclamation: and a crowd favorite!


WOW about 4 min in when Lee Seunggi sings! He is so Good


I love ATEEZ these guys can dance like nobody’s business


No English tho’ :sparkles::wink::ok_hand:t5:


P.S. … about people used to be trained to live alone, suddenly realizing that there is someone, a feeling that gets under their skin. A connection that drives them further until they reach their own place called “home”.

P.S. Title “With Each of Your Flaws” … he doesn’t want to ring her doorbell, but still does. He doesn’t want to think about her, but he still does. He doesn’t want to talk about her, let alone singing … He is ashamed that she still is in his songs. He tries to tell himself that she isn’t really all that beautiful, that she is stupid … But with each of her flaws, he is loving her …

P.S. Wolke 7 is equal to Cloud Nr. 9 in English but in German it is 7.
About one’s life full of contradiction, questions, doubts … To just close one’s eyes, because of tiredness, the wish to believe, is it worth to love the other, is it worth to love this live … No time to live life full, all the emptiness that fills books. To leave, but he doesn’t know where to, to know so many but to trust no one. The questions keep up their torture, and he is living in his nightmare on cloud number 9 …

P.S. Title - Things have changed (it’s not a new song but fits the time, right?).
She is always searching for a love, that they once had. Pure, and without tries, without the fear to lose each other. They only lived the moment. Now the things have changed, when she thinks about love now, everything seems so complicated - everyone is demanding too much. And then things end again. She just wished he would be back again, they were better together, why is it not possible?


Oh Yunho - Was that one in English? I even thought about it before I posted. He’s Korean does that count?



Nope. The entire song is to be in a language other than English. It is not songs you go, and find, but songs you listen to in that language for a reason. Hence the reason for the share. Sharing the reason helps those who’ll listen understand about the share. They may even recognize the song from the beat, and tune, because sometimes popular songs are translated. Just like bestselling books are published in other languages.


I liked listening to the calm that comes from these clips (◔‿◔)(•‿•)(◠‿◕) Thank you!


I get the feeling this french sang song is a popular song. Is it? If so which?


I only know this song as it is.
Actually it is a German song with some French lyrics, about a girl coming to Paris meeting a French guy, who is talking to her, but she unfortunately can’t speak French but tells him in German to keep talking because she likes to listen to what he is saying even though she doesn’t understand the language.
I don’t know how successful it was, but you could hear it a lot on the radio.

This song of her about her most favorite human being was a number 1 hit in Germany. Maybe you like it too.


It’s pretty likable, upbeat :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Those goats in a tree :joy::rofl:

Neat story, didn’t recognize the German, not enough exposure as I have of French. :heavy_heart_exclamation: Maybe the choreography, videography, and cinematography is what is popular.


She sings -
Je ne parle pas francais - French
and then -
aber bitte red’ weiter - German …

I need to go out for a bit, maybe I find the time later to add some information about the other songs. Till then.


Did you guys see this?
If you haven’t use headphones


He chases a dream, at the risk of his life.
Since I understood none of the words sung, I can only interpret the visuals. :blush:


Actually it is his imagination
He imagines the girl after seeing her mask
And if I say anything beyond this it would be a spolier
It is a movie named “Baahubali”
It has 2 parts " Baahubali the beginning" and “Baahubali the conclusion” it is worth watching movie if it is available for you please do watch it. It is dubbed in many international languages also.

And have you heard this " why did kattappa killed Baahubali?" You will know after watching the 2 parts