Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


I just got off weibo, and one of my contacts had reposted this music below

Post what you’re listening to in any language! (Except English) Let’s see if we recognize the song.

Turns out the song has copyright restrictions :pensive: the link above is restricted for USA :us_outlying_islands:
I’ll share a different link soon.

If you have a weibo account, you can listen to the above link. One other way, is if it is not restricted for your country.
Here’s the long awaited different link :laughing::smile: okay, this song is in Tagalog, enjoy!! If you recognize it, tag me :laughing::smile: :sparkles::wink: pun, pun pun! good pun :smile: I’m tagging along, on Tagalog! :laughing::smile: Tag me, and let me know! :wink::v:t5::call_me_hand:t5:


So do we need to translate the songtitle … or find a version of the song in a certain language? :thinking:


No, keep it in it’s original language. If we can listen via a video, or other recordings via a link, is the best option. Uhmmm, it is what you are into, you don’t have to go find it! Unless you have listened to it in the past.
So it’s what you’re into, but, it’s in another language.

The one I’m still trying to post it’s link above, is immediately recognizable, and they sing it in
manderine Chinese.

It’ll be fun, & informative to sample what fellow fans listen to in their main language. And more so what fans listen to in other languages!


So this is a song that we all know, but in another language? :thinking:


Yes, and no! If you have a weibo account you can listen to my posted link, by following the link.

The song I linked happens to be one we all can recognize.

Your post does not have to be a recognizable song, but it’s what you are into :sparkles::wink: (Except English)


I don’t have an account. :frowning:


Do you want to create one? You can by selecting english, or your main language for the website or app.


Not sure … Is it free? Would you recommend it?

Anyways, here is a song:


Don’t have a lot of time at the moment so maybe you might enjoy this topic


I’ll be back to check it, getting ready for work, oh!

:grinning:! :wave:t5::sunflower::ear_of_rice::bouquet::sunflower::blush:


Whow! :notes::musical_note::notes::ok_woman:t5:‍♀ :smiley:!
That’s life right there, you can tell!
Awesome share!! :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:
Now the curiosity sets in, is it a song I should know in english? Don’t tell yet! Just if it is?
The app, and site of Weibo is safe, let’s do like Asian Boss, and stay curious! (◠‿・)—☆ I honestly think we get filtered before any post is released.!


Not as far as I know. Did you recognize the language? :slight_smile:


Not yet, getting ready for work, will listen again, and see if I do!


Is it Korean?

Weibo is free! Just like facebook


No. :joy:

Is it similar to FB? The Chinese Facebook or something like that?


Yep, but it is even more!


Do you need a hint on the language? You can at least cross Korean of the list.


Is it Romanian? :smile: If not what is it? and :joy: yes I snooped around the channel :joy:
I’d say Spanish or Portugese too?


It’s not Romanian. It’s not even related to Romanian, BUT … the country where it is spoken is a lot closer to Romania than to Korea. :joy:


Tell me please, there are so many countries in that region, since the big split!