Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


No subs on the original youtube video.

The male lead is the singer as well. Part of the dance reminds me of Singin’ in the Rain (starts at 1:59).


About Jay Chou.

Turn on English or French subtitles

Filmed in La Samaritaine in Paris, France. Built in 1869.



Loved the fantasy - time travel. :blush: :heart:


I loved it too. Glad you enjoyed it.


… the last time I was in Paris it has been a long time actually … I always pick some building I want to see, back then the old department store “Samaritaine”, we were walking around the block one time, two times, without any success, and then we found a sign that it was closed for restoration work. It is still on my list to go to, if I ever make it to Paris again. And I just got to know that it actually took 16 years of renovation until 2021, jaw drop.
What a fun video, that he in travelling time is the inspiration of so many artists, Magritte, Dali, Monet, … And Lang Lang is there as well …
Thank you for letting me time travel in my memories.


You’re very welcome. What a wonderful coincidence. So happy that you could finally experience the result of the renovation. Hope you have the opportunity in the future to experience it first-hand.
Thank you for sharing that memory from Paris with us.