My Happy Marriage - Japonese movie

thank you so much for sharing this link , i loved watching… Japonese movie , please love like and share <3 :heart_eyes:

" My Happy Marriage - As Long As We Both Shall Live Episode 1 | ■■■■■■

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Is this the anime cartoon? I have watched eight or ten episodes, and it is very interesting. Great characters, a big scary, a great story line.

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No, they are real people. They do look a bit like manga characters, though.

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they have made in real persons and anime cartoon, i saw it last night , so so beautiful and with subtitles:) super recommended
waiting for the next episode

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I will surely add this on my watchlist.

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I’ve been meaning to watch this. I didn’t know they’d made a movie out of it. Or is this a live-action drama? I thought it was only an anime. Have you seen the anime too? What did you think? :smile:

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Ιt’s a movie. And pretty ridiculous, if you ask for my opinion. The plot doesn’t make sense, seems written by a teenager.

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It’s the live-action film. It came out before the anime was aired,
but it wasn’t available with subtitles for the longest time.
I have yet to watch this film, but I did watch the anime.
It really felt like a shoujo anime

Ooof, sounds rough. I’ve heard really good comments about the anime, so it’s a shame the live-action wasn’t done well.

Sorry, what’s a shoujo anime? I’m very new to anime. I’ve learned some terms, but I’m still a bit confused with others. I’ve only seen “Romantic Killer” so far, but I really liked that one, so I’m definitely looking to get more into it. :smile:


They usually divide anime into 5 genres:

  • Shounen / Shonen (lit: boy): probably the most popular genre which is usually targeted towards teen boys, such as Naruto, One piece, Death note, Boku no hero academia, etc. Usually has a ML.

  • Shoujo / Shojo (lit: girl): targeted towards young girls. Has a FL who the story revolves around. Examples: Sailor Moon, fruit baskets, kaichou wa Maid-sama, etc.

  • Seinen: targeted towards 18+ men. Examples: One punch man, Hellsing, akira, etc.

  • Josei (lit: woman): targeted towards 18+ women. Examples: Usagi drop, Chihayafuru, Kuragehime

  • Kodomomuke: targeted towards children below 12. Examples: Pokemon, Digimon, Doraemon, etc.

So basically children below 12 > youth between 12 & 18 divided by gender > 18+ divided by gender


Ohhh, I understand now. Thank you for the detailed explanation. :heart:

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