My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


@kdrama2020ali since I know you’ve got a thing about abs, I think you’d like series 4 of U-Prince, Dash is shirtless most of the time, at least in the first 1-1/2 episodes I’ve watched.


Hahahahahahahahaha! It is all about the shirtless GUY right!


Our Hottie Hottie Posse! I have added some guys! I need some need photos!


Hahahaha!!! Love it! Ya, sista! I’m in the same boat. Some of these guys are young enough to be my sons. As my Dad used to say, “You gotta die of something”. Just as well die from blindness from watching all these hotties. Hehehe…


Right! Why are they so gorgeous!


I hope we can link this.


The many faces of Jang Hyuk :star_struck::heart_eyes: He’s such a versatile actor, anyone remembers him in Chuno, he had 6 pack abs, which is hard to achieve :blush: and long hair too!


So FUNNY my friend just finished “Fated to Love You” and she told me I HAD to add Jang Hyuk to my Hottie Posse and You did it for me.

I love him with JUNHO💜in Wok of LOVE he is such a loveable gansta!


San (산) Ateez

His favorite color is Purple - UMMMMMMM Me Too


I have been MISSING Park Bo Gum! He just left for Navy last summer. I hope he is doing well.


Park Hyung Sik


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
What are your favorite k dramas staring Park Hyung Sik?
Sheesh… that shower gif :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi ! Park Hyung Sik’s best drama is definetely (for me) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ! He was so great in it !
I also started watching High Society and he was the best actor in it far away.


Same here :hugs: , my favorite drama staring Park Hyung Sik were strong woman do bong soon and high society too. Park Hyung Sik wasn’t a lead in Heirs but he was my favorite character in the drama. :laughing:


Same him and Krystal (and Kim Woo Bin of course) were the best caracters in Hears. Them are the reason why I finished watching Heirs !


Yeahh , I haven’t finished any other dramas with Park Hyung Sik yet :sweat: because I keep getting distracted with other dramas :star_struck:
Kim Woo Bin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I heard a lot about Hwarang but I am not really attracted by the story so… I’ll just wait his retourn from military service and watch his next drama :joy:


Lol :joy::rofl:



My absolute favorite KISS so far of PHS…oh baby…High Society! Kiss King!
I am watching Strong Woman right now!

@loveurself_melanin @inavikidrama_624

He is so good in High Society! His range of acting and he made me CRY so hard. When he pounds his chest - oh my gosh I die…He was the best thing in that show definitely! I ignored the rest.


I know ! He literaly saved the show, such a shame he was just a second lead because he is way more talented than the first lead (actually the first couple was really boring)