My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Rock It BABY I love that COAT! I would so wear that!

Oh, my gosh, he’s a baby! I’m going to HELL


Belly Button Wars
Ok, He’s 28. That’s Better!


@kdrama2020ali I thought you’d appreciate this Kai recently posted on instagram and my teenage daughter (so not a little kid) said Kai is Gucci’s mascot. :rofl: I told her he’s their brand ambassador, but no, she insists that he’s their mascot. hahaha




Yunho - (U-Know) Still obsessed


Have another pic to enjoy on your way to H-E-double-toothpicks! :smile:

Ya know… I really am a little devil for tormenting you, ain’t I. :rofl:

HE’S LEGAL AGE! So you are safe. :smile:


UMMMMMMMM! Those shirts are the best. He has a great stylist! Yes, He is what 22.
I love his hair colors. Mine is currently, purple


He’s the ‘designated’ belly guy of ATEEZ. At least, he’s always the one showing his belly. The other guys all cover up. Woo Young unbuttons down a lot but no belly. :smile:


I noticed that when he was dancing in black and he was the only one with the cut-out


:smirk: uh, Hate to break it to you. Any guy dancing like that AIN’T NO BABY! :rofl:

Your guy shows off his belly button. My guy, the Ateez guys tease Seonghwa for always sticking out his tongue and or licking his lips.

Oh! Hongjoong is really rockin’ his Mohawk!
His hairstyle is really close to what an actual ‘Mohawk’ hairstyle looks like. That one everyone calls a Mohawk with the stiff stand up hair crest is a Huron hairstyle style.
(Sorry, Hongjoong doesn’t do bellybuttons.) :grin:

This hairstyle really suits him. He looks good.

I don’t know who’s cuter in this one, HongJoong or the puppy. :rofl: I just LOVE this picture! Makes me laugh every time!


I hate a man that is prettier than me! hahahahahahaha!


ah… Jealousy is a terrible thing. ennit? :smirk: :grin:

Yea, I have no fear of these guys EVER looking at me much less competing! :laughing: I lost whatever looks I had a LONG time ago. :rofl:



I just noticed he has very Cat-Like features!


Ooo That’s a nice picture. I’ll add it to my collection. One of these days I’ll make him into a sim. :rofl:

Dang it! You know. I’ve been trying to figure out why I keep looking at Seonghwa… He is reminding me of someone… he does not look exactly like that person but there are echos… Something is like… akin… hmmm… still trying to understand the correlation… Something about the face shape. the width across the cheekbones… he set of the eyes, that beak. :grin: the correlation is stronger when Seonghwa goes light haired like in his picture… .

Kitty? :grin: I like kitties :grin: but I am allergic to them. :pensive:

Oh! Here’s a YouTube of your bellybutton! He’s a goof off stage. :laughing:

Someone please tell me the rules of that cham cham cham game. :grin: As far as I can tell they are just fake slapping each other.

Gawd. Imagine you are on a business trip and these two NOISY guys are jumping around in the room next to yours all night long. :laughing: Makes ya wanna strangle them! :laughing:


You start with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who starts, the RPS winner bring their hand up to the face of the loser and calls cham-cham-cham with the chopping motion, as soon as the 3rd cham is called the winner points the hand to the left or right of the other persons face, the opponent at the same time must turn their head/face in the opposite direction to win. The winner get to do the cham-cham-cham bit.
If the opponent turns in the same direction as the hand (like being slapped across the face) then that’s a lost and the turn remains with the winner.
The opening scene of Bring it on ,Ghost (Ep 1 first 3 minutes)


Still All About Yunho (U-KNOW) in group TVXQ
“I Order You”


I think all of the members of BTOB are handsome like no tomorrow, but I’m terribly biased :smiley:







Yea. I’ll be missing Yook Sung Jae. I enjoyed his acting.


Uncle Down the Hall! Did he sell Goblin’s House!:woman_shrugging: