My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


You have to have good hair and nice eyes to look that good behind a mask. :sunglasses:


I was just posting how much I love his EYES :eyes:

He has GREAT HAIR!!!


Would he qualify for entry into this prestigious club?


I don’t know if he has had long hair in a drama - but yes - on his insta - he qualifies


He is very pretty pretty!!!
Eyes - Lips - Nose - Hair - OH MY



So gorgeous!!


OMG loving this one!!


He is gorgeous - I think he is still single - I can’t tell - too much gossip on Google!!!


He is in a HOLLYWOOD Movie! I have gone down the RABBIT HOLE!


I did see on his Insta that he’s in Paris right now … La Cite d’Amour!


@kdrama2020ali, incase you need it for some reason


lol I don’t know anyone from Arrrr-hen-teen-a to do the Tango with either. So you will have to suffer and Tango with Antonio Banderas.

It was cha-cha- merengue, salsa, Mariachi and Oompa-Ooopa music

and the Twist, the Swim, Breakdown, I can’t even remember the dance names anymore in my neighborhood. :laughing:

And whatever was going on in Soul train!

Ooo We used to see Tower of Power at Frenchies in Hayward. LOCAL BAND from OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. They were hot back in the 70’s. Live vocals and band. no auto tune.


Suffering Suffering - NOT


There doesn’t need to be a reason … I need this EVERY DAY. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lover’s of the Red Sky - Spoilers

Looking forward to more in our WP on Friday!


He needs so many HUGS :hugs:



I need to stop looking at our MONK!!!


Our Hottie Corn Salad has a new script!!!


Song Joong Ki



Well, there seems to be a category of Hotties called Legendary Hotties, a subspecies discovered by astute scientific research.

Careful analysis of Episode One of My Roomate is a Gumiho reveals three essential aspects of the Legendary Hottie:


“He’s just a sly fox wearing the mask of a hottie.”
“Even beasts of legend cannot escape capitalism.”
“I can only protect you at all costs, so why don’t you try to be less scared?”

These words are specific to one K-drama, but they could come from the lips of so many. The Legendary Hottie overlaps with the Hot Hottie, the Cute Hottie, the Psycho Hottie, the Eternal Hottie, the Classic Hottie, the Historical Hottie, the Chaebol Hottie, the Bromance Hottie, the Hospital Hottie, the Corner Store Hottie, the Fashionista Hottie, and the Studying Abroad Hottie. Further research is needed to determine exactly how many subspecies of Hottie there really are.

(All from Giphy)

It will require special training and long hours of work and study. And an entirely unforseen new Department, the Hottie U Department of Zoology and Haberdashery (because no Legendary Hottie leaves the house in less than a bespoke suit and tie).

The choice to head this new department is obvious.

(Jang Ki-Yong, Wikipedia)

The Hottie U Board of Trustees will clearly need to meet in emergency session and hash out details (funding, class size, curriculum), especially the most astute of HU’s advisors and consultants, i.e., @kdrama2020ali, @vivi_1485, @leerla73, @porkypine90_261, @my_happy_place, and the most senior style advisor and fact checker @ninjas_with_onions.

Other Viki worthies need to be notified as well, though clearly not everyone can leave their day jobs and families and friends at such short notice.

@misswillowinlove will as usual be behind the scenes. Someone has to make sure the Culinary Hotties (recently officially recognized subspecies) are using the correct type and grind of coffee beans in the espresso machine.

So many details. So little time.