My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


@kdrama2020ali Wow, Lee Soo Hyuk does the annoyed inhale/hiss almost as good as Choi Jin Hyuk


Chaebol maknae adul
Chaebol’s youngest son? something like that.

The youngest son of a third generation rich guy.


SIKKIE says good morning

(All from PHS’s Instagram page)


Well, HELLO there! That’s a good start to the morning. :fire:


Your proposal looks very good. However, as Cutie Posse U Ambassador and Board Member of the Hottie U, I would like to have an older Hottie U member to head this research team. At 29, he still does not have enough experience as a Hottie U member.

I’d say the basic qualifications for a Legendary Hottie are:

  • veteran actor
  • at least one drama as a Sageuk ML
  • at least one drama as a badass fighter/ warrior
  • at least one boss ML role in an office drama

I would nominate

  1. Ji Chang Wook

  2. Lee Joon Gi

  3. So Ji Sub

They’re just classic.


I got called out for putting this in a review - I got Flagged!!! and my review taken DOWN

Hottie Posse Overlord and Baby Bird U Extreme Chancellor


What? Is that offensive? Was that here or MDL?


Someone flagged my review in Viki on the Gumiho drama page - It has been hidden - because I said that line! Made me so mad - I had like 40 or more likes on that review!

I eventually took it down!
I guess Hottie is offensive!


UGH … that is so dumb. Flagged for THAT? ~eyeroll~


Who the HECK is THAT???


It’s my tiny baby bird WooYoungie, isn’t it?


LORD - he is ATTRACTIVE!!! And working out Sexily!!!


If we’re posting workout GIFs …



I just posted that to @my_happy_place

I love me some Wonho!!! He is a beautiful human being!


I was going to ask @irishtigger if she was a mind reader or if you shared that with her too. Funny coincidence.


What’s funny is that I searched “WooYoung workout gif” to see if that was who that is above, and this was the second GIF that came up. Which, weird but okay, Google. :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:



Ok I need to stop this! LOL








So Google is the mind reader who knew what we were all talking about privately. Wait, I think I already knew this about Google. :eyes::female_detective: