My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


He’s 40?? YOWZA! Welcome to the Posse, sir!


And this is a Question??? LOL



Nope, not a question. LOL! Just stating a fact.


Korea daily
Music Plaza
Hello pop

Hospital Playlist

He has beautiful lips!!!

Yoo Yeon Seok 37 - seriously

@vivi_1485 you have had me in squirrel mode for DAYS - so I’m watching the 1Eps of Dr. Romantic
Holy Hot Kiss BATMAN - EPS 1
I’m in LOVE! - I know - AGAIN!!!


Welcome to the Hottie Posse, Yoo Ji-tae. Semi-seasoned at 45 years old, 6’ 2". Yes, please.






ooh he was in Healer!


Y’all … Kai is KILLING US with his Instagram feed this morning … :fire::fire::fire:

A COLLAR … :skull:


Thank you! Oh wonderful one for posting those - I saw them about 2 am!!! LOL - and DIED!


My word, girl … do you sleep? LOL


Um - guess who I dreamed about??? It was our baby bird new crush!!! I love his chin - our elf baby


Two words:





One Word:





I have LOVED Big Bang for a while - I know their music

I am LATE to the Party with T.O.P.
Oh MO MO is this man SEXY

Just watched him in Commitment last nite!!! @my_happy_place
He and Big Bang are on hiatus but PLEASE my new CRUSH come BACK!!! Please!
Very talented and SEXY - and 34

Welcome to HOTTIE Posse!


Now I’m off to stalk their YouTube …


Off to the GYM to run on the treadmill to Big BANG! It’s FANTASTIC BABY


Oh my, we must be connected in some telepathic way! SM suddenly renewed my interest in 1st/2nd gen bands because of their remastering project and I’ve been looking through the discographies of Bigbang, VIXX, T.O.P and others. :heart_eyes: I have G Dragon’s Untitled on repeat!



I mean, come on. How can I just learn about someone only to find out he’s stepped away from the ‘scene’ for the time being? We need more of him!

His character in ‘Commitment’ felt like it was made just for my own personal fan service. When he put on those black jeans that perfectly accentuated his thighs and tush and climbed on that beautiful Ducati, can you say sexy?

And sometimes he’d put on his black cap just to drive me crazy.


Okay, I know what I’m watching next … :hot_face:


It’s a great movie, you won’t be disappointed


I concur I concur I concur I concur - Can I say that 500x
I cannot believe I have a new CRUSH who isn’t working in the industry!!!