My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


@kdrama2020ali & @my_happy_place since you enjoyed Commitment have you watched Cold Eyes (I know it was on your list,) The Man from Nowhere, or The Suspect? Not that any of us NEED more things to watch. :slight_smile:

Won Bin (The Man from Nowhere)

Gong Yoo (The Suspect)



I have watched Suspect but I would watch it again!!!


I put both of those on my list last night. (Cold Eyes & The Man From Nowhere)

We were specifically looking for things WITHOUT cops, though, because I was having a moment of anxiety after dealing with a lot of over-the-top cop corruption in a drama.


Can we WP it???


You said the magic words – GONG YOO and JUNHO


It has the popcorn, but I didn’t suggest it last night because it deals with cops, and I needed that break. We can definitely watch it at some point.


you have not seen SUSPECT - Go watch it NOW NOW NOW!!! He has another one I have not watched that I bet is REALLY good - I’ll find that when I get back!!!


AW yes!!!


Other than Train to Busan his highest rated movie is Silenced but I haven’t been able to watch it yet, as I know it’s based on a true story and… I just don’t know… :cold_sweat:
This one is coming soon, not sure when or where it’ll be available.


I’ve been waiting for Seo Bok – Gong Yoo and Park Bo YUMMY


this one!!!



Ok, Just what is this rascal up to anyway?

Mischief, that’s what! :rofl:

Oh, For those who may not know, This is Park Jimin of BTS.


MY CHIMMY! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They all have GQ Korea covers coming out … this is his … SO STINKIN’ CUTE!




Is this my BUTTA - yellow sweater boy!!! Makes me CRAZY! :yellow_heart:



Yep! Even hotter in the original MV …


Sweet sweet boy


Thinking we needed my theme song today - It’s raining!



Her are our 27 and above Hotties!



Byeol Korea

Movie fit me

Lee Joo Seung - 32 - Welcome to Hottie Posse
I’m really irritated that you played a bad guy in Happiness but I still like you!

Spoiler about his character!


How is he 32?