My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Since we are talking about BLs, here is one Taiwanies hottie for the posse (not sure if he has been mentioned yet).

Sam Lin (Lin Zi Hong)

(Pics Pinterest)


We need a BL Hottie THread!



Do you have a thread!!!??? Start one! So we can put all our BL loves!!! I have many!

I love my BL - Boys!!!

To My Star - and Fighter and Tutor are my fav - with Tharn Type
Oh an Color Rush - Ok I could fill a thread with all of them.
Love on the LINE!


Done :wink:


For those who want to drool over Wookie!!!

Your Welcome! I want to keep him all to myself!!!


Well, hello there, Sannie … :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Those eyes - his eyes - that shape - oh MO MO!!! :heart:


Now that there’s a BL thread, I forgot to check in on my Hottie Posse thread! Ha!


You can’t miss SANNIE - he is all over the place - baby bird and Hottie Posse! You have to check them all

Hottie Posse
Historical Hotties
Baby Birds
Hottie of the Week
Top 10 Hotties!



Jang Hyuk Birthday was December 20th

fangirl verdict


Happy Birthday!!! 45 and still a Hottie!


SIKKIE wishing us a Merry Christmas :heart_eyes:


I am happy to see that it looks like he still has his buff-ness!!! I love it!




Ok Taecyeon
Happy Upcoming Birthday December 27th - 33 years young!


Thanks for posting! He’s one of my favorite Korean actors. I love his laugh!! He is a mature HOTTIE with 3 children. Lordy!


I think @kdrama2020ali calls them seasoned hotties.


Seasoned Hotties and

Well Seasoned Hotties



I can’t even… This man is so beautiful. SJK.




Merry Christmas from V!!!

25 years old but getting an honorary Hottie Posse move - due to his being so sexy!!!


I always love their costumes!

Coming to the new conclusion I like V - Jungkook - and JIMIN = corrected





Ok, I’m not much into BTS, so why are you calling Jimin MinJin, isn’t that the ship name of Jimin and Jin? And I thought it was usually JinMin, but I’m not up to date on kpop ships. :woman_shrugging: