My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Your right I got it wrong - JIMIN - JIMIN



Happy Birthday Hottie Posse Hottie

Jo Jung Suk!

41 years young - A Seasoned Hottie


Wait, wait, wait… I know V and JK are the ultimate hotties to most of the ppl, but you just can’t mention BTS without this h o t t i e (or is it just me :thinking::sweat_smile:



Min Yoongi - SUGA


NOT JUST YOU :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


SUGA - with his dark hair!!! CUTIE!


I’m adding this Hottie to the Posse because…well…
William Chen :fire:


I love how everyone is going on about SUGA, V, & Jimin…
But I really have this thing right now for RM. Just sayin’.


JungKook is my guy I can’t get over his yellow sweater in BUTTER!

I could watch him dance all night long!!!


I hear you :wink:

I have more BTS pins in Pinterest than I would like to admit… So how much time do you have to talk about these hotties? :see_no_evil:

We do need to add WWH to hottie posse, if he isn’t there yet… You know?



I have a thing for necks!!!



BTS Jin Ranks #1


Obviously he’ll rank #1. Have you seen those eyes? :two_hearts:


I’m so in love with MAX!!!

BL Hotties


This took me a minute

"World Wide Hottie"

is that another thread we need - LOL :smile:


"Hello, my name is Jin and I’m World Wide Handsome, you know :tipping_hand_man:t2: "


He is so PRECIOUS!!!

I’m World Wide Handsome YOU KNOW


Who’s he? He’s gorgeous, I’ll agree with you…his neck is chefs kiss!

Please don’t get offended, I generally don’t know him


That’s Jin of BTS. He refers to himself as worldwide handsome, it’s a bit of a joke and he once said he does it as rote teaching, (source) it’s funny to watch his members reactions when he does. lol


that’s BTS - JIN

You beat me I just was posting that video


I’ve gone so far down the BTS rabbit hole. They have too many videos that make me laugh (and that’s always important to me).
SUGA is probably my spirit animal. He and I have very similar personalities.