My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


I was dancing on my cool down on the treadmill to Butter and Dynamite! So fun to do some of their dynamite moves while trying to walk on the treadmill.



I’ve attempted one too many times to get their choreography memorized for “ON”, but do you know how insanely hard that song is to follow? I want to fall down in a heaving lump in front of my mirror every time I try.
But I have mad respect for them in this regard. There aren’t many groups that can pull off the insane dance routines that BTS can.


Here is hoping you have a

Happy Hottie Posse New Year!!! :firecracker: :fireworks:


Bringing shirtless SuJu to the thread I see. These guys don’t know what personal space is when they’re on stage. lol


Fan Service!!!


They are the kings of Fan Service, when SM is teaching rookies about fan service they show them SuJu content. lol


I happen to pull up this gif set just as my husband was passing by.
Him: Is this how you get by whenever I’m sick?
Me: Yes. Yes it is.

***I’m just gonna casually save this for whenever I feel the need…



Out first SANNIE belly roll of 2022 :fire::fire::fire:



More More Belly Rolls!!!


Birthdays for our BOYS - COMING
** UP SOON**

D.O. - Jan 12th
Lee Seung Gi - Jan 13th

Kai - Jan 14th


That last GIF of Kai just comes out and smacks you, happily scrolling and reading, then sweet GIF of D.O., sophisticated GIF of Lee Seung GI, then

Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant (ep8)

Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant (ep10)


I’m rolling on the floor laughing!

My Kai looks so good without a shirt!!! LOL - he’s 27 he’s 27 he’s 27!


well you know I’ve got to use the GIFs I made somewhere, except those last 3, there’s no where to use those.


Saving that last gif…
Also, are those real tats? I have this thing for tats, and Kai is seriously making me lose it.
explosion imminent


shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! LOL


They are not REAL - I think he gets them done for the show!!!

He has done temporary tattoos a lot


Oh my word … and the story behind them … :sob::sob::sob::sob: